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The Value Of A Filipino In The Telework Market

A. Wage Rates

To compete successfully in the international job market, Filipinos must be price competitive. One of the most important incentives for employers to contract out by telework is getting employees at bargain rates. Because of the lower cost of living here in the Philippines it is possible for a teleworker here to offer lower rates than those from countries where the cost of living is much higher. Certainly, the Filipino worker should exploit this obvious advantage by offering services at a lower rate, at least in the development stages of the telework relationship. Should the employer be satisfied with the performance of the contract, it would may be appropriate to negotiate contracts at a higher fee/wages, as long as the work remains internationally competitive.

And internationally competitive means there is a lot of money to be made. I asked a 16 teleworkers how much the were billing per hour. Prices varied from a low of $35 for one desktop publisher a marketing consultant who charged $1,500 per consultation. Average per hour billing was $78.85. It would not be hard for the residents of the Philippines to come in with bids below that hourly wage. When one looks at the fees they teleworkers are charging, understanding that in their countries it is not really too high, it can be understood if they have to search a bit for work. Even if the results of this small survey is skewed, it is an indication of the kind of money that can be made in telework.

B. Cultural Adaptability

Not only have many Filipinos been to other countries, they have worked in them. There is no more well traveled worker in the world and the Filipino’s adaptability will help make his/her teleworking skills more marketable.

C. English Abilities

Without the ability to speak English telework would not be an option. Continued emphasis on English a strong second language is required for success in the

D. Educational Level

The Philippines is a nation of highly educated people. Telework is a way to put that education to use, while the local job market develops. And, with the availability of this new world market, telework can be an end in itself, bringing in income to the individual ant to the Country.



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