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Kinds Of Jobs Available

A. Computer Jobs

The first kind of jobs that come to mind are computer jobs. They are hard to fill and can many can be done by telecommuting. They must be the initial focus, at least until the supply of existing candidates is near exhaustion. The Philippines has already made some inroads in the area of software development, but India has been positioned as the leader in that lucrative area. Efforts must be directed to the Philippines becoming the leader in software development and web page creation. Filipinos have already shown that they excel in web page design. Maybe this is because of Filipino’s understanding of western marketing strategies, and the availability of so many quality artists and writers. As chat and conferencing are added to web pages, Filipino sales people can fill those jobs as representatives of international companies right from their barangays.

B. Sales Jobs

Sales jobs are so important that it deserves to be addressed in a special way. Salary surveys consistently show that sales jobs pay more than any other profession in the United States and probably in other countries too, including the Philippines. Many of these jobs can be performed by telecommuting. When I was a commissioned stockbroker in the United States I never saw a customer though I dealt in sales of hundreds of thousand dollars. I, as most other stockbrokers, sold exclusively by telephone. It was all telework from the employers office, because we did not have computer terminals with stock quotations at home then.

As Internet service providers move into telephone services, it will be very inexpensive for a Filipino to sell stock or other products and services to folks all over the world.

Below is a response from a “self improvement counselor” who uses Internet Phone in his business to talk to customers:

Well, Don,

It's a system I devised to rapidly zero in on the ways people lower or raise their reality-based self-esteem. They phone me and, quite often (not always), they receive a degree of serious help they never enjoyed before. For example, one businessman had seen 5 separate psychologists and was in danger of losing his volunteer job when he tried me out. After a few months of work, his ability to be productive increased, his passive hostility seemed under control (with regularmonitoring), and he converted his volunteer job with an entrepreneurial startup into one paying him $12,000/month!

Because my system does not always work, I screen out people  during the first coaching session (which is free). If we both want to work together, they pay nothing for this work until a full 30 days has gone by. Then, if they are satisfied with what has happened, we talk money. If not, we part as friends.

If you use an ISP with asynchronous transfer mode, then it becomes possible to use Internet Phone 4.0 for good transmission of voice over the Internet. (bold and italics, author)

best regards,
Mike Rael, MS, instructional technology

All over the world Filipinos have excelled in marketing, as all it takes is hard work, determination and persistence. In my opinion, Filipinos have more opportunity in the area of selling on the Internet, in the long run, than they do in any other area of employment.

Recently, the massive multilevel marketer Amway started operations in the Philippines. Postings came in my personnel mail and on mailing lists and news groups I was reading. US Amway multilevel marketers were using the Internet to recruit. I understand they have done very will. If Filipinos had been Internet ready and marketing conditioned, they would have had the market all to themselves. In this new world economy with tariff reductions that allow the free flow of goods and services, it is best to be prepared for the many similar future opportunities that are bound to present themselves.

Research shows that hundreds of thousands have been recruited as multilevel marketers, probably the most active group on the Internet, in sales.

Here are a couple of recent postings that are becoming more and more frequent.

From the “International Business” mailing list: We're currently conducting a market research project on some specific markets in Asia, and we'd like to contract some of this work out to individuals in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

This project would include phone interviews with industry representatives. If any market researchers in these countries are interested, please contact me directly. Also, if anybody knows of some individuals who might be interested, please email their names and fax numbers and I'll contact them if appropriate.
(I don’t know why the Philippines is not included here; Author)

C. New Jobs Created by Internet

At least two new occupations have been created as a result of the Internet and many of these can be performed by teleworkers. These jobs are Web Page Designers and Help Desk Operators. These two jobs presently employ many teleworkers and should be target jobs for Filipinos. There are also web site information servers, “knowbots”, others that must be accessed as telework opportunities.

D. Consultants, Tutors and Schools

Of course anyone who know a little more than anyone else can be a consultant. Maybe an auto mechanic cannot fix someone car on the Internet, but he/she can advise someone how to do it themselves. In many developing countries, do it your self projects are very popular. The price of labor makes repairs to and up keep of anything very expensive. Also, many get a feeling of accomplishment when they do it themselves. On line advice in anything from gardening to marriage counseling has a place as employment opportunities for Filipinos who are qualified to assist.

Tutors are paid from $12 to $40 per hour in the more economically developed countries. Math and language tutors are always in demand. Spanish is a language of particular interest and there are Spanish teachers here in the Philippines whose Internet rates could be very attractive. English tutors are presently advertising on the e-mail list to help list members, many of whom are from non English speaking countries, with their e-mail and other business communications. With the advent of Internet Telephony that can provide cheap group and pair conferencing, the possibility of telephonic language lessons is now wide open.

Math, science and tutors in other “hard” subjects are in great demand and if qualified Filipinos had the required hard/software and ISP connection they could be working today in these fields and high pay rates.

New universities and schools are being established on the Internet daily. A recent mailing list addressing these schools posted:

Welcome to EDU-ONLINE

If you are currently involved in delivering distance education via the Internet, or plan to do so within the coming year, we invite you to participate in EDU-ONLINE, a discussion group dedicated to issues pertaining to Distance Education via the Internet.

Education is much more expensive in most overseas countries than here in the Philippines. There is no reason the Philippines should not be establishing on-line Internet, degree granting schools, now. Here is easy to hire teachers and compete in this new market. There is no country in the world better positioned to do so because of the high quality teachers that are available and their competitive rates. Existing schools are already in an excellent position to compete on a globally.

F. Other Jobs

The web page at has a reasonably good listing of the kinds of telework occupations that businesses are recruiting for now. Additionally, a through search of employing government’s labor departments needs to be made to determine what jobs can be done by telecommuting and also fall in the hard to fill category.



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