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Safety of Ships

Another important thing to be concerned about it boat safety on the inter island boats. The Philippines is an Archipelago, and is serviced by ferries, some very modern ones, on group called Philippine Super Ferries. They look like ocean liners, have sleeping accommodations, nice meals, and private cabins at reasonable prices. Some are called Super Cats, very fast, just go for a couple of hours to the next island and give you time to watch a video movie, have a hot dog and cup of coffee from the snack bar while relaxing in air-conditioning. Some but some Philippine inter island boats look like they are going down for the third time. And they may be.


But there are many ferries that are not well maintained and overcrowded especially during holiday times, All Saint Day, Christmas, and other holidays not a popular. Tickets are hard to get at those times. And if you get one, you may not even have life jacket and be very uncomfortable and not be safe. But if you pick your time and your ship using a reputable travel agency and do so in advance, you should have a comfortable trip.

Personally I do not like to travel by boat during the rainy season most places from April to the end of October. Other than rainy season and the windy summer time, you are pretty save on a inner tube. Air service is available just about everywhere and any time from island to island. You may have to take ground transportation for a considerable distance to get to where you are going. There may be only one airport on the smaller islands. Some have none at all. Then you must choose your boat carefully.

There are isolated spots in the Philippines where there is some danger from terrorists, but I feel the media exaggerates the threat. Newspapers are not noted for using "Everything is fine today" as a headline. If a terrorist, group is in the jungle asleep and inactive they show up in the headlines. The military has strong US support and the US is a close friend of the Philippines with a long-standing relationship. The police are understaffed they say but there seem to be enough to protect me since I do not seem to need any protection. There was a recent, "coup attempt," later called a "rebellion," by members of the armed forces. But it only involved 300 young Philippine Military officers an was quickly quelled by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, hours after it started.

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