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Universities abound in the Philippines. It is an excellent place to get a very cheap, but good education. You may know of the many Filipino MD's, nurses, CPA's, lawyers, etc. working in the States on their Filipino credentials after taking a state board certification test. Filipinos are excellent professionals and business people everywhere they work.

The education in the Philippines is geared to U.S. requirements. You can use the U.S. GI Bill of Rights educational provisions to pay for a Philippine education.

Philippine computer schools and educational entities have sprung up everywhere in the last few years. A 20-hour private tutorial on Corel Draw or PhotoShop by a local computer-school teacher is about $40 if the teacher comes to your home, and about $5 less if you go to the school.

If you want to learn one of the local languages, tutors cost about $1 per hour. You can't beat Philippine universities, college and schools here when it comes to reasonable tuition fees for a quality education.

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