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Quality of Education in the Philippines

The major American Universities and the Evaluating Agencies in the USA - such as Jose Silny in Miami would shudder at the "equivalent to Associate degree in the USA "statement. For the part, it takes over 160 college credit hours to get a Filipino University Degree and less than 130 to get an American Degree. All University classes in the Philippines are taught in English. And each three PT's, four nurses, two CPA's, and six Engineers, I have helped get to the USA had all had their degrees assessed as "equivalent to or surpassing" the USA Degree Requirements.


That is why it is so absurd to me that an entire group of teachers and medical people in the Philippines stand unemployed looking for jobs serving French fries or selling sneakers when the USA is 400,000 nurses and 600,000 teachers short.

[Garry Muth]

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