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Things To Do - Tourists

Sightseeing is plentiful with so many Islands to visit, there is a lot to be seen and done. The Philippines has a multitude of reminders of a colorful and exotic past. These Houses, forts and other buildings of the Spanish era have survived the ravages of time in places such as Vigan, Intramuros, Taal, Dumaguete, Bohol and Cebu. The heroic deeds of the revolutionary leaders are commemorated with monuments, shrines and markers throughout the nation. The tragic battles of World War II are similarly remembered.

Things To Do - Visual

Cinemas are widely available and show all the latest releases, albeit a bit behind the USA release. Prices are very reasonable with prices from Php40 to 80 typically. Local films in Tagalog do not tend to have subtitles in English.

Cable/Satellite TV is available in major cities with Manila having the best service with numerous operators. Places like Cebu no longer have any choice, since the smaller operators all got bought out by SkyCable franchise. Satellite TV is another option but has a higher initial outlay for the dish and the satellite receiver.

Things To Do - Recreation Bars and Restaurants

The bigger cities have bars and restaurants that foreigners will find acceptable and enough choice to find places they will enjoy. Prices for food and drinks are very reasonable in most places. A San Miguel beer is typically Php25-35 although in hotel bars it can rise to Php90 or more with the service charges. Smaller towns tend to have Karaoke bars where the locals hang out.

Dancing and Disco's

Ballroom dancing is very popular and Dance Instructors are available to help you brush up on your steps at reasonable prices. With a few exceptions there are not really any clubs catering to a particular style of dancing such as Salsa etc. The "ballrooms" cover all types of dancing, not one style in particular. For those wanting less formal dancing, discos are available of many types, with prices to match.

Things To Do - Sports

Go-Karting whilst not being available everywhere in the RP, there is a number of purpose made Go-Kart tracks around the RP. If not wanting to get into the serious stuff with National and International championships, Karts can be hired to "have a go”. The thrill and adrenalin rush from driving at 60mph or more with you bum only a couple of inches from the ground has to be experienced to truly understand how exciting it can be.

Off-Road - 4 Wheel Driving Judging by some serious looking 4WD vehicles about, with trick raised suspension, air intake snorkels and winches fitted to their vehicles, there are probably some enthusiastic off-road clubs in the RP.

Things To Do - Communication

Internet Access/e-mail

Internet or Cyber Cafe's are available for those that don't have their own PC with a Modem and a Telephone line. These seem far more prolific in Cebu than in Manila where on-line Gaming seems more popular.

Those fortunate to live in areas of Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and a few others, may be able to get DSL service connection. For the rest of us Dial-Up is the only option. Here you can choose between a signed contract with monthly fees for a prescribed number of hours (with cost penalties usually if you exceed these, and no rebate if you use less), or pre-paid access whereby there are no monthly fees and the flexibility to use the credited number of hours over several months. These pre-paid cards give the flexibility of being able to switch between ISP's depending on price, performance and ability to get a free line. Currently you can pay as little as Php3.85/hour (130 hours over 3 months for Php500).



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