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Internet Access/e-mail

Internet or Cyber Cafe's are available for those that don't have their own PC with a Modem and a Telephone line. These seem far more prolific in Cebu than in Manila where on-line Gaming seems more popular.

Those fortunate to live in areas of Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and a few others, may be able to get DSL service connection. For the rest of us Dial-Up is the only option. Here you can choose between a signed contract with monthly fees for a prescribed number of hours (with cost penalties usually if you exceed these, and no rebate if you use less), or pre-paid access whereby there are no monthly fees and the flexibility to use the credited number of hours over several months. These pre-paid cards give the flexibility of being able to switch between ISP's depending on price, performance and ability to get a free line. Currently you can pay as little as Php3.85/hour (130 hours over 3 months for Php500).

IDD Telephone Calls

The Philippines is supposed to have deregulated Telecommunications. So far this has not resulted in true competition, especially in the area of International Phone calls - the Philippines remains in the high price bracket compared to other truly deregulated countries. Calls from a Globe mobile phone cost US$0.4 per minute to anywhere in the world. VoIP is not legally allowed in the RP currently if it terminates on a telephone line and/or telephone handset. This does not stop individuals using their PC's to initiate calls to other PC's and to telephones in countries where VoIP is permitted - this brings the cost down to US$0.04/min or less.

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