Things To Do In The Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7, 000 islands and islets, which invite exploration by the adventurous. Its fish rich seas and inland lakes challenge sports fishermen; its waters invite sailing buffs; its coral reef and wealth of marine fauna delight the scuba or snorkel diver, marine biologist underwater photographer alike; its volcanic peaks, rainforest, caves, underground rivers, nature reserves and wealth of flora beckon the mountain climber, trekker, botanist and nature lover.

Scuba Diving in the Philippines - The best site where you can find extensive travel information about diving, beach resorts, hotels and more.

Filipino Martial Arts - Martial arts schools and clubs you should look at and join. You will find many to choose from on this comprehensive website.

Things to do Activities

Boating and Sailing - are immediately obvious things to do in the Philippines. This can range from chartering luxury catamaran yachts, to sailing a "Hobie Cat", or renting a "pump” boat (banka) or traveling on the large ferries or small overcrowded inter island ferries.

Water Sports - water skiing and Jet Ski here are available from major beach resorts along with "banana boat" inflatable and such, which 'kids' of all ages seem to enjoy.

Snorkeling and Diving - is fantastic in the Philippines, and some areas rank among the best dive spots in the world. You can swim with Manta Rays and Dolphins and observe many species of sharks.

Hiking - the best way to experience the beauty that the Philippines have to offer is on foot. If you don’t know where to go, and what to see. There are "adventure" tour operators, who can arrange expeditions to visit "off the beaten track places. There are social organizations that cater for taking groups out into the Philippines countryside on Rambles, walks, or even "Hashes”.

Biking/Cycling - for those not wanting to explore on foot, one can try cycling or mountain biking. Renting a motorcycle for some Off-Road Dirt Biking extends the range of places one can visit in a day - you do need motorcycling experience to try this though. There are also specialized social Dirt Biking Clubs you can join, and they will show you the places to go.