Living In Samar

The local people here in this small paradise of Bobon are very friendly, helpful and accommodating. They catch fish and lobsters, climb for coco nuts, pili nuts and fruits, take you out diving and snorkeling, on river trips, guides them to water falls and caves and so much more.

There are Grocery stores, bakeries and hardware other necessary vendors only two km away, in Bobon Town, and many more in Catarman Town, eight km away. Bobon Plaza Cafe and other Eateries here and more than ten restaurants serving good food in Catarman. And approx ten hotels and inns too, great prices and comfortable. Resorts, hotels and inns in N. Samar is approx 50, all in all. including. 6 new resorts at San Antonio island, said to be The New Boracay, where a new airport is under construction now. The completion of this airport will make the area even more desirable and valuable to foreigners and locals alike.

It is 45 minute flight to and from Manila, Asian Spirit. SEA AIR will soon start flights to Cebu and Manila. If you go by land is it one hour by ferry boat and ten hours drive to Manila, eight hours to Cebu, which also can be reached by ferry boat from Calbayog, 1 hour from Catarman only. The roads here at N. Samar are very good indeed. Immigration office is located in Calbayog too, which is a City. Most of us have permanent Residency, which is easy to get, so we do never go there.

The locals here speak Huaray, Tagalog and English. We do have 52 international TV channels by Dream satellite for US $ 20 per month.


This below is about and by Chris Bech our recommended Realtor and my good friend. Chris lives in Bobon a quality person and service provider like the others I recommend on this site. Just a note about Chris, a guy you can count on to help you in many ways, certainly if you want to own a piece of his paradise.

Chris Bech on Northern Samar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Chris is the President of Rotary Club. He has many highly skilled professionals friends who are doctors, dentists, head masters, restaurant owners, teachers, businessmen, bank managers, police chiefs, company directors, what ever you need to serve you at low Philippine prices. Some have private clinics and high standard private schools like Montessori here.

Many of his Rotary friends relish visiting him to meet his foreign friends and introduce them to the local places, like island populations, cock fights and the many other interesting and joyful activities in the Philippines. There have been many parties and dinners with Chris's friends and the foreigners living in Samar.

Chris says,

"We have no problems at all living here - this province has the lowest crime rate in this country - acc to my Rotary friend and Provincial Police Director Tony de La Cruz.San Antonio island is being developed by my good friend, Congressman H. Abayon. And my other good, close friend, Governor R. Daza, supports our project avidly.

The ten mayors in the 10 towns around here are always accommodating and helpful too. Mayor Mel Sacramento in Calbayog City is a close a Rotary friend as are many others.” Mayor Mel" is most honored and awarded Mayor in the whole country !

We have foreigners, mostly married to beautiful Filipina's (Filipino girls) and locals around here who are professional teachers too, a range of different skills from many different countries, professionals and just good folks to be around. You may want to learn the language, adopt a Filipino child, or just need a quality house helper. My friends will be happy to help you."


If you are interested in a place with no pollution, warm and friendly people, a foreigner community that is in harmony, I suggest you mail Chris at and talk to him about a visit to his paradise that can be your too! And check "Beach :Lots for Sale,” all over this

Yet another great site on Northern Samar, from Theresa and Chris Bech. One of the few affordable paradises left on earth! And foreigner from all over the world are welcome! Click here for details.

Don Herrington, January 2006