Living In Badian, Barili, Philippines

Like most towns, Badian took its name from an abundant plant in the area called Badyang. But when Spaniards came, they found it difficult to pronounce the word changing it to Badian.

This third class municipality with 29 barangays houses one of the district hospitals in the south, the Badian District Hospital. They also have a rural health center and a fully equipped birthing center. Aside from the schools and hospitals, Badian also has a few interesting heritage houses.

Water Lures

First on the list is the three -Tier Kawasan Falls. The falls is one of the many waterfalls that make up the Matutinao River, which has been awarded several times as the cleanest and greenest river in the Philippines.

Kawasan Falls is located in Barangay Matutinao. From the Kawasan Nature Park, the entry point, a 15-minute hike will bring one to the first level of the falls.

Kawasan has many waterfalls. The first one is the largest of the three, and is usually the most crowded. An uphill climb for fifteen minutes will take you to the second falls, and another, and another. It’s a good idea to bring in your own food, the resort's restaurants are not cheap and prices are not marked. We ran into problems with the prices getting higher as the day went on.

Cottages (1,500 to 2,500 php) and tables (500php) are also available for rent; the rooms are for overnight stay. You can rent a raft (300 php) to take you around the "pool" or for a refreshing "shower massage" under the falling water. Life vests are also available for rent.

The pathway back is very dark once the sun sets so it is best to bring a flashlight. You should be extra careful in going down the slope especially the one descending from the second or third falls to avoid mishaps or accidents. Kawasan Falls is a great get-away destination in the southern part of Cebu for family's and gatherings.

Zaragosa Island

Badian also takes pride of the world famous green resort Badian Island Resort and Spa, located in Barangay Zaragoza, the only island of Barangay Badian.

There are two ways to go to this island, one is via Sima Spring in Barangay Poblacion and the other is via Barangay Lumbag.

The Badian Island Resort and Spa Is known for its sandy beach, their natural spa and the exclusivity it offers, perfect for honeymooners. The Island Resort and Spa not only boast of 8 hectare romantic resort paradise situated on an almost private tropical island on the southwest coast of Cebu and is comprised of landscaped gardens and white sandy beaches. One can choose from the many activities the resort has to offer such as diving, wind surfing, paddleboats, tennis, billiards, darts, volleyball, or choose from the many treatments they have to offer in their highly reputable spa. Rooms are large and beautifully designed using Philippine architecture, all with sea and mountain views, as well as a private balcony.


Banig, the local term for woven mats, is made of dried pandan leaves, dyed and woven into different sizes.

An interesting tidbit? Badiahanon weave theirs inside a cave because the interiors offer a cooler temperature suitable for the leaves. Apparently when exposed to heat, the leaves tend to break.

It also interesting to note that the designs of the mats are not pre-planned or copied from an existing pattern, they are done freestyle by the weaver, right on the spot. This make each one unique and artisanal in feel.

While mats are considered simple household objects, they are high of value for people of Badian because it is one of the main sources of livelihood of the town.