Living Outside Bacolod City

I live outside of Baclod City. I like it there, but then its my wife's hometown and that was an important point in favor on where to settle. (Important note: If your wife is not happy about where you want to settle, she will make sure to let you in a hundred little ways. :)

Joking aside, they are building (or at least planning) an international airport-between Bago City and Bacolod City. (But like many things in the Philippines. Take it with a grain of salt until you see it. (Filipinos mean well but sometimes their dreams can out strip the financial reality of the situation.) However, Bacolod City has a seaport, a domestic airport (about 4 km outside of the city).

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All major office holders and major dept. heads have their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers listed. They are serious about getting people to retire there. You are about (1) hour flight to Cebu or (7) hours by ferry. The main city streets are wide, reminding one of some cities in the USA. State of the art hospitals, DSL, radio/TV stations, higher education, 4 star hotels, city water/sewer systems, etc. Well you get the idea.

Not being the trusting sort, I have battery/brownout/surge protectors on all expensive electronics. TV, computers, refrigerator (as it is called here), a medium chest freezer, and of course the central AC. We had a gasoline backup generator for when the power is out any extended power outage (like when the typhoon that passed Northeast of here). Your wife will love the 5 shopping malls. As you can tell, I am happy where I settled. Others can tell you about why they like their area's).

The point is look before you put your money down and find out later that the home of your dreams is elsewhere when it is too late (and expensive) to relocate.

Happy with retiring to the Philippines.

Bill Ponder