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Living In Cebu City, Philippines

In the Island of Cebu, the world's business and leisure go hand in hand. Called the "Queen City of the South," Cebu is the site of the new and exciting business ventures between local and foreign capital. Amidst such hectic commercial activity, Cebu's numerous beach resorts and exhilarating historic city beckon tourists of all ages. The city also has numerous museums and churches. Cebu shopping offers many souvenir ideas from high quality fashion accessories, hand crafted guitars, shell crafts to dried mango preserves, sugar coated biscuits and peanut wafers.

The member makes a excellent point. But personally, I have lived in Manila, and chosen to live in Cebu, the country's second largest city. With a population of about 600,000, it's much smaller than Manila, but there is no shortage of culture, education, dining and entertaining choices. We even have giant malls.

Business opportunity in the Cebu Philippines:

If you are looking for a serious business opportunity and like living in the tropics, close to a beach and a scuba diving heaven, if you love to work with people and have a background in photography, then this may be your opportunity.

Business Description:

The business consists of an established professional photo shop in a town living from tourism, mainly scuba diving, and caters to residents, tourists and scuba divers alike. The business includes a Fuji mini lab for 1-hour film development, a digital picture printer, a photo studio and an office box with fax, email and internet services.

This is a business without competition in an area populated with more than 250, 000 people and a lot of tourism.

The business generate income by selling photo related products such as prints, re-prints, films, frames, CDs, diskettes, batteries, IDs, cameras, underwater cameras, laminations, computer print services, etc. Additionally, a business service center with internet and fax facilities is set-up inside the photo shop premises.

Since the staff is handling most of the routine tasks like film development, picture printing, photographer services and so on, part of your job is visiting beach resorts and dive centers forging tie-ups for outlets and putting up displays for photo products. Business relationships with several partners in neighboring towns are established. A branch of the photo shop is established in a neighboring town. An additional outlet exists in a PADI 5 Star Dive Center specializing on underwater photography. These partners sell photo products in consignment and collect film rolls for the Photo Shop. A courier travels to the respective partners, using low-cost public transportation , collecting film rolls and distributing the finished print-outs.


The photo center is on the island of Cebu, about 92km south of Cebu City. The main business is located along a national highway near the town center and market, close to an existing Internet Cafe and opposite a college with more than 1000 students. The photo shop has about 40 square meters and a storefront facing onto the main street. A famous tourist destination with lots of beach resorts and 12 dive centers is just 4 km away.

Glimpse of Cebu by; Art R. San Pedro

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