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Living In Cebu City, Philippines

In the Island of Cebu, the world's business and leisure go hand in hand. Called the "Queen City of the South," Cebu is the site of the new and exciting business ventures between local and foreign capital. Amidst such hectic commercial activity, Cebu's numerous beach resorts and exhilarating historic city beckon tourists of all ages. The city also has numerous museums and churches. Cebu shopping offers many souvenir ideas from high quality fashion accessories, hand crafted guitars, shell crafts to dried mango preserves, sugar coated biscuits and peanut wafers.

Living In Carcar City, Philippines

Carcar is a nice sized Philippines town, about two hours out of Cebu City via the south coastal highway. We live on Mactan. And went shopping there for hand made Philippine furniture, and I believe we found a good furniture maker if anyone is interested. But before talking furniture business we ate at the Acacia Grill down the road on the way into Carcar. The restaurant shares a large parking lot with a whole bunch of outdoor shoe shops.

Living In San Fernando, La Union

I've lived here in Bauang (and the Philippines, for that matter) for just three months now, but have neither seen nor heard of troubles for expats here in La Union. I go by jeepney into San Fernando (just 15 minutes) to do banking and do some shopping. It's very seldom that I see any “foreigners” at all while I am there. I suspect that when Wallace was still activated there were more GIs in town.

Living Outside Bacolod City

I live outside of Baclod City. I like it there, but then its my wife's hometown and that was an important point in favor on where to settle. (Important note: If your wife is not happy about where you want to settle, she will make sure to let you in a hundred little ways. :)

Joking aside, they are building (or at least planning) an international airport-between Bago City and Bacolod City. (But like many things in the Philippines. Take it with a grain of salt until you see it. (Filipinos mean well but sometimes their dreams can out strip the financial reality of the situation.) However, Bacolod City has a seaport, a domestic airport (about 4 km outside of the city).

Living In North, Central and South Philippines (2009)

For cool and breezy the most famous location is Baguio. Up in the mountains north of Manila. However, you would be far from any beach. Tagaytay City is also a possibility. Never been there but I've heard it is cooler than Manila and certainly breezier. Either of these locations would expose you to more typhoons.



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