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What you need to know is there! Living in the Philippines is for foreigners, expats, Filipina/s others many living in Cebu, living in Manila, and all over discuss Philippine retirement, travel, relationships, jobs and business. It's strictly moderated, no spam, no off topic posts.

Filipinas and Filipinos (both are Filipinos, Filipina refers to women, girls, females, ladies, wives, i.e. Filipinas), are on this family oriented List - The home page

Lifestyles - Costs - Who is here?

Some foreigners here are retired or semi-retired, like I am, doing what they like. Sometimes that is doing nothing, the hardest thing to do. Others are working on "Ex-pat packages", provided by companies based in their home countries. Some are here as investors, staying on tourist visas and extending their stay for long periods of time. They may have investments such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

Why Will You Love The Philippines?

Living, Traveling and Retiring in the Philippines as a foreigner or "expat", is a dream comes true for me. Beaches, ocean and mountains are all at my doorstep. The sun almost always shines here, where I live, out of the northern typhoon belt.

Almost all Filipinos and Filipinas adore foreigners, expatriates, (expats) who live here or retire here. And they welcome and appreciate or just tourist too, the only English speaking country in the world were foreigners from any country are respected and admires.

Do You Want To Find Romance in the Philippines?

Many of our members are married to or involved in a relationship with Filipinas. We are neither an international introduction service nor mail order bride service. We are neither connected nor linked with any. What you read here and on our forum about member's marriages and relationships are not exaggerations. When we discuss challenges in relationships, we don't sugar coat.

Why The Philippines And Why Now?

Most of you may know the Philippines for its friendly smiling people, a breed becoming rare in other countries, wealthy or developing. It may most be known by Expats and foreigners who travel here from all over the world for its non stop low priced quality night life, air conditioned taxis with start up of 60 US cents, beaches, golf courses, the national past time of beauty pageants and fiestas, hotels with service you will not get in the best of hotels in more expensive parts of the world.



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