Lifestyles - Costs - Who is here?

Some foreigners here are retired or semi-retired, like I am, doing what they like. Sometimes that is doing nothing, the hardest thing to do. Others are working on "Ex-pat packages", provided by companies based in their home countries. Some are here as investors, staying on tourist visas and extending their stay for long periods of time. They may have investments such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

Maybe only a share of that business is allowed by local law. They may watch their investment very closely, like some who own bars, and visit their investment every day and night for hours on end. (The bar business is not recommended). Some are tourists who came and forgot to leave the Philippine Paradise they found. Some play a lot, what else, with beaches, nightlife, golf and hoards of other things to do at discount rates. See the link "Other things to do", only a partial list of what could be an inexhaustible one. I live in Cebu City, the Paris of the Philippines, and its second largest city. I rent a six-bedroom, four-bathroom house in a 24/7 guarded compound (don't know why it is guarded, it certainly is safe here,) near Midtown and several huge malls. For this house, which is way too big for me, I pay $380 (U.S.) a month.