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What you need to know is there! Living in the Philippines is for foreigners, expats, Filipina/s others many living in Cebu, living in Manila, and all over discuss Philippine retirement, travel, relationships, jobs and business. It's strictly moderated, no spam, no off topic posts.

Filipinas and Filipinos (both are Filipinos, Filipina refers to women, girls, females, ladies, wives, i.e. Filipinas), are on this family oriented List - The home page

is full of information on things you need know. - The Lists helps foreigners interested in cheap quality living in this friendly English speaking country get the necessary information to successfully travel, retire, live or do business in the land of smiles, beautiful people, beaches and mountains. Information on the culture, customs, cheap quality education, houses and apartments, pension houses, hotels, places to travel in and around the Philippines, cost tourist and permanent resident visas, doing business and more from members living in Manila, living in Davao, living in Angeles City, Baguio, living in Cebu and all over the Philippines islands. No flames, personal attacks. No name calling is allowed. And no Filipina/o bashing is acceptable; there are few Filipinos on this list to defend themselves and they are generally such kind and gentle people that they don't need to do so. *this is not an introduction service. Do not ask for names of Filipinas*.

If you don't understand the culture or the country well enough to understand the Filipina/o, learn here to understand to enjoy them and yourself. You may want to learn some of the language, customs and even live here in the Philippines. Neither Living in the Philippines nor its owner, Don A. Herrington is responsible for the information contained on this List.

Posts are the property of the owner Don A. Herrington

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