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Cebu Hair Care, Men's Hair Pieces, Toupees

Hair today, Gone Tomorrow: Men's Hair Pieces, Wigs, Toupees. . . And some more information you may find of value.

You can read this or just contact Daisy now at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Address:

Cherry Court Annex Rm. 111, Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel. No. (032) 233-4583/514-3451
Cell No. 09172440287

I am partially, or more than partially, bald. I got that way at 60 years old, and didn't care. I never thought I would want or would need or even consider wearing a hair piece, toupee, wig or rug, here in Philippines for sure. Real men don't wear wigs, I always thought.

But one day I was downtown on the corner of Jones and Colon Street in Cebu City drinking tea and watching the crowd and pretty Filipinas stroll by, my favorite past time. I was at the counter at Rose Pharmacy that used to be at the pharmacy. Now they are a few doors down. ut It used to be on that corner. And Rose's was cool with the large front and side doors always open. And they had Lipton tea. What more could anyone want?

As usual I had on a hat, even inside, my protection from the tropical sun know for causing skin cancer. It is easy to get for a fair skinned guy like me. I used hats to protect myself from low hanging objects too. I walk fast sometimes and my head is up at 6'2' in a country that is built for 5'10 folks at the maximum in most places.

Sitting by my side in Rose's Drugs were a couple sweet Filipina beauties who caught my eye, me theirs, an a smiling contest stared. But I was already keyed in on the waitress who looked like an angel just dropped from heaven.I felt a bit warm around my head from the hat because I walked fast getting there and the tea made me more so. Maybe looking at the Filipina, or Filipina angel, added to my warmth. She gave me a shy but provocative smile too. But I am easily provoked by angels.

Even silver paint on the hat does not make the head much cooler when you are out of the sun. And I was inside, really.And it was almost a sidewalk cafe but not quite. So to be on the safe side, like a Filipino gentleman I am not, but not an insensitive foreigner either,I took my hat off after a few minutes of flirtation.The two girls to the left of me, saw my sparsely populated and gleaming head and put their hands to their mouth, in the Asian way to hide, their snickers.So did the "angel." They did the Filipino embarrassed laugh, hehehehehe! I was crushed. Well maybe not crushed but felt a little stepped on. These are such kind people. What was wrong with me? Did I have a horn growing out of my head? Not, just partially bald, but no more. And no more, 'hehehehehe!

Studies done show that bald men are perceived as weak, mean, sick, funny, old, tired, that they have "Lost it."People who care for themselves, take care of their teeth, body, posture and hair. If you don't take care of yourself, others will not respect you and even worse you will not respect yourself. Here you can afford to be the best you can and have the best life, a life you deserve!

Filipino men evidently have a genes the allow them to keep their hair. Bald Filipino men are around. But they are very rare. Most keep; their hair into their eighties, hard to believe but true: thick black hair! And the very few of those who don't cannot afford hairpieces, more than likely. Or if they they can may be too "shy," to put one on. Or they have a wife who may wonder, "who is he seeing now?"

I have seen a couple of Filipino men at Daisy's place. But does not take a lot of courage to walk in Daisy's, even for the faint of heart. Daisy's is hidden or at least tucked away. It is way in the back of a small shopping center so those who are concern they will be seen don't have to worry. There is plenty of guarded parking in the back. And Daisy is a pleasure. She loves bald men with hair pieces; her hair pieces. If it were not for them there would be no business for Daisy. She is not the owner, a German owns it. But he is never there. I feel like it is Daisy's men's wig emporium, Cebu Philippines.

I am married to a young woman. And she accepts the fact I am bald gracefully as I do or did. I do not wear my hair piece, wig, rug at home, often, just went we or I go out. And I never wear it when I am sleeping. I can but I don't I do if we go swimming where swim caps or not required.

I can tell she likes my toupee, hairpiece when we are out. She tells me. It does make me look younger, or "better,"she and others say. I can't tell.I look different with it, but I am too smart to believe the, "Oh it makes you look like you are 45. I don't think even a new head could do that. Better? Better than what?

But I know don't get any more snickers like I did before I got the wig. And the hair piece does cushion my formerly always bald head from blows and bumps. And it protects me some from the tropical sun that can do bad things to a bald head especially if you have fair skin. The uncovered scalp is vulnerable.

Daisy asked me what I wanted when I went in. She and showed me every thing from Elvis style, synthetic, or it looked like Elvis to me, (I was tempted) to crew cuts and pony tails real and synthetic. I said, "Daisy it is up to you." I did not have a girl friend at the time and I figured Daisy's guess was a good as mine probably better But I had an old passport and said can you match that but will a little more in the front? She said, "I try, Sir Don." She did and she succeeded.

She wrapped my head with shrink wrapped plastic and then put something like duck tape around it and made a tight mould, It only took a few minutes. Then she took a cash deposit, gave me a receipt and said come back in two weeks.

I ordered a human hair wig, one she assured me was best, and they do take a couple of weeks, a custom toupee. Because they are custom and every hair has to be placed individually.

I did consider a hair transplant but the more I read about them the more I said, that may not be the way to go for me. I don't like to shed my blood and go back and fourth to a cutter, bleed and heal only to bleed and heal again and again. I thought "I will at least try a wing, less painful, less expensive and I can do the hair transplant if I don't like the hair piece. But I will try the wig first."And I like it I am happy I did not get the transplant, a mess.

The Filipino made men's wig is more comfortable than the hats I wore, And certainly worth the price. And no one knows I have a toupee, a toupee made in the Philippines, but you. And I know you will not tell.

I guess what really swayed me, before the snickers, was I a friend in Reno. I admired his hair, a 50 year old guy when I met him six years ago. I told him I wish I had my hair, and it was like yours. He said "It can be."

"I said, "What! Tell me more!. Charles! Magic lotion. Not Monixinil I hope. I tried that and other potions "He gave me the run down like I am giving it to you. But he lives in the States. I am not sure I would do it in the States, but I might there too. But there no one looks at me anyway. There if they do, they expect me to be bald at my age, no big thing.

Here I get more than a few glances and do have a wife who gives me more than a glance. And I got over the shock of the mere thought of wearing a rug very quickly when the pretty Filipinas snickered at my shiny dome am then had the smiles even sweeter and with no Hehehehehe, at all..

Daisy does a wash, condition and style for $5 or so. I do mine every couple of weeks. If I wore it every day I would have a helper do it every day but would have to teach her, not hard. But I am lazy even to teach and no master like Daisy. Daisy said she would teach on of the helpers, but we never got around to it.

Daisy's hair pieces clip on the side and have double sided tape to hold the front down where here is not enough hair to clip it to. It can be woven in the back where you have some hair like I and my friend in Reno does, But it has to be woven in every so often because your remaining hair grows. I decided I would just use the clips, very clever devices that allow you to wear the wig without it coming off. even when swimming or involved in active bedroom activities. I get P50, about 1USD hair cuts every three weeks. When I was in the States I paid cheap "hair stylist" $30 a pop for what I don't know. In a Hotel I might spend USD $100, but then I could almost afford it. Maintaining a hare piece in the States can cost a couple of thousand dollars a year. Not with Daisy. You save big bucks.

My friend Charles, who has his woven into his remaining hair, a strong young man of fifty years old then, once had a two minute fight before he decked he other guy.. But first the other guy got his hair piece and pull it so hard to tore Charles' scalp in the back. But it was not a serious injury. The other guy had his jaw wired together for months. Charles healed in a week..

I think I will stick with the clips even though they may not hold the hair piece on as tight. They hold it tight enough. Here in Cebu City there is not as much fighting as in Reno, Nevada, from my experience. Only bullies fight and Filipinos are not that way . And I avoid fights at all cost will only do so to protect myself and my family. I am a visitor here and don't want to make any waves except in my hair or whoever's hair I have.

I recommend Daisy for price, service and quality. I did check other places and selected her for those reasons. And she is a sweet Filipina too. That does not hurt. Just drop Daisy e-mail and she will get back to you soon.

New product from Daisy!

The new product, an update of the one I have is called "PERMACOOL."It is currently the only one of its kind in the local market. It is permanently attached to your existing hairline and is with all models you are still able to participate in all your activities in any sports such as swimming, riding, basketball, etc. You simply treat it as if it is really your hair, you shower and shampoo with it, brush or comb it.

You may well ask "Why is it called PERMACOOL and what makes it so different."This is because it has built in cooling agent know only to Daisy and her supplier, insures that your scalp is constantly kept feeling cool, fresh and clean and it prohibits perspiration, no matter how often you shampoo or swim with it.

They say that seeing is believing, which is very true, but in addition "feeling is also believing", it's as natural as nature can be. I have not felt it but am going to, and report back. I might get hairpiece number two, but I am happy with this one. Time will tell.

Daisy convinced me and it was easy, that without any doubt, her products and services are the best that can be offered, anywhere in the Philippines. So if you feel a hair piece may be for you, it really is to your advantage to see Daisy and feel the product yourself. I was happy with mine from day one and feel you will be too. She has many styles to show you. She does not do mail order. Best to go see her here in Cebu City, the heart of the Philippines! This is a good excuse to visit the heart of the Philippines, if you need an excuse. I can't give you an acceptable one for leaving, sorry.

If you don't get a hair piece, do seriously consider wearing a straw hat to protect you head. They make some nice ones here, but many not so nice. You have to look around and maybe have a tailor make a decent band. I had a Stetson straw once made in Canada, of all places. If you want to bring me one I will pay you for it. I still like hats even on my hair piece I have grown to like even more..

As I said there are many custom styles available. So contact Daisy now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & for you new hair piece.



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