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Motorcycle Insurance Basics

I'm getting ready to buy my first motorcycle

What is the minimal required by law?

If I buy more extensive than the minimal, will I still have to do the "how injured are you" song and dance with them or will the insurance take care of all of it all?

What else do I need to know about Filipino insurance?

Are there any really good or really bad companies?

I will be in the Angeles City area.

What It’s Like Driving In The Philippines?

Driving here is unpleasant during the day and a nightmare at night. I now tend to resign myself to a long slow journey. Even when it seems clear to overtake there is always the risk that when you are passing a big hole appears in the road and you have got nowhere to go. As you have said, nearly all roads are single lane in each direction and made a lot narrower by crumbling edges.

Driving Licences In Pangasinan

Good day from London.

In Pangasinan, when I asked a policeman whether my UK licence was valid in the Philippines, he said he was not really sure.

Driving Lesson In Manila, Philippines

When I told my wife I'd like to try a driving lesson she said I would get killed! I went ahead anyway.

I had some self-confidence based on my driving experience in Europe where the steering is also left hand. (UK is RH) Besides that, I did not need to think about gear changes and clutch control in Philippines.

Driving At Night Hazards In Rural Areas

1.) Tricycles.

2.) Tricycles without lights.

3.) Tricycles making u-turns.



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