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Vehicle Registration In Cebu City

Just a reminder someone may be interested to know. If any of you drivers forget to renew the vehicle registration tax, will have (like me) to pay a 50% surcharge as penalty. But make a big reminder in your calendar a couple of days in advance. Why, I hear you ask? Because before doing it, one has to pay the insurance first and do also the annual "exhaust belching test" @ the Motor Vehicle Testing Center (if in Cebu, in V. Rama, Calamba; almost opposite the Univ. of San Carlos), 300 pesos.

It appear to me that jeepneys, trucks and many other vehicles must be exempt from doing it, seeing the horrible smoke belching I have to endure. Luckily I have a gas mask from WW1.

If you are having an “all risk insurance” (that insures also damages to your vehicle), usually the insurance will provide the service to go and do the registration for you. But if only for the compulsory insurance, You will have to do it. Best is when they open @ 8 am; alternatively bring a thick book. Where? At any Land Transportation Office (I go to the one in N. Bacalso Ave, near South Bus Terminal (Tel. 253.9603).

Ah, another thing. If during the year you have received any traffic ticket, then you will have to pay it/them before you can renew the registration. Actually, also if you had any road accident and you called the police for a report from them (compulsory for the insurances), then you will have to pay for any pending traffic fines, before the Police will provide you one. So drive carefully. Not like me.



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