Driving Licences In Pangasinan

Good day from London.

In Pangasinan, when I asked a policeman whether my UK licence was valid in the Philippines, he said he was not really sure.

So, off I went with my girlfriend (now wife) to the LTO. Fill in a couple of forms a photocopy of my passport and UK driving licence. See the doctor my medical blood pressure, eyes, limbs, and the mandatory drugs test. And buy a book of raffle tickets for the local fiesta draw (previously bought a book of tickets at City Hall. And somewhere else but a good incentive to win friends in high places and you have a Philippine Islands Driving Licence.

They used to issue the licences centrally, but when I renewed my licence last year, they had just installed one of the first machines that produce the licences on the spot, so no wait at all.

I have been riding my wife's Honda Wave 100 during my visits to the Philippines. Driving is very different from the UK. But after a few days, you learn to release your inhibitions and join in with them.

I had a very near miss a few weeks ago, with a car that turned across in front of me and instead of driving into the side street simply stopped across my lane. Fortunately I was on my way from the Honda dealer having had the front and rear brakes replaced.

I have many stories to tell, but time prohibits.