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What It’s Like Driving In The Philippines?

Driving here is unpleasant during the day and a nightmare at night. I now tend to resign myself to a long slow journey. Even when it seems clear to overtake there is always the risk that when you are passing a big hole appears in the road and you have got nowhere to go. As you have said, nearly all roads are single lane in each direction and made a lot narrower by crumbling edges.

I remember on one occasion traveling from Pangasinan to Manila by coach and moving very fast down an almost empty dual lane, dual carriageway. We were just about to overtake two lorries moving slowly in convoy when the second one move out. We ended up traveling over the grass verge at very high speed, it even made our driver sweat.

There is one advantage in driving here, you can do the most stupid and ridiculous thing imaginable and nobody would take any notice, everybody does these things all the time, and there is no road rage.




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