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Taxi Driver Dress Code

Taxi drivers here have a dress code with most companies. They wear white shirts and black pants. Most have good to fair English. Occasionally you will get a driver who thinks he can speak English, but can't. Get another taxi. He will be happy and so will you. (There are no women drivers) Holiday Taxi's are radio dispatched. So you can call one on your cell phone. There is another company or two who have radio dispatched taxis too.

Uninitiated Driving In The Philippines

And a precursor, I have 30 years of driving experience, some of you have more, I have over 1 million miles of driving during that time, I have ridden bikes at over 280kph and driven cars at similar speeds.

How To Register A Car You've Built?

My hobby is building hot rods, and I have just started a new project in Angeles. So, does anybody have any knowledge about how to register a complete vehicle you have assembled yourself?

It used to be quite common to assemble a Jeep out of parts you could buy all over the country, but that seems to have died off now. I'm sure there must be a fairly simple process for getting a REG number. Anybody have any experience or clues?



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