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Driving In Iloilo City, Philippines

I've lived in Iloilo 3 years now and have been involved in 2 traffic accidents. Both of them were not my fault as the other Drivers (both Jeepneys) who supposedly have "professional licenses" were on the wrong side of the road in my lane because they didn't want to wait for traffic at a busy intersection. But guess who paid?

Driving In Manila, Philippines

I have been in Manila a number of times. Actually it seems rather restful compared to some places. Most of the time is spent in traffic that moves slower than walking. Of course I do not do the driving but our Filipino driver seems to have endless patience.

Vehicle Registration In Cebu City

Just a reminder someone may be interested to know. If any of you drivers forget to renew the vehicle registration tax, will have (like me) to pay a 50% surcharge as penalty. But make a big reminder in your calendar a couple of days in advance. Why, I hear you ask? Because before doing it, one has to pay the insurance first and do also the annual "exhaust belching test" @ the Motor Vehicle Testing Center (if in Cebu, in V. Rama, Calamba; almost opposite the Univ. of San Carlos), 300 pesos.

Comments On Driving In The Philippines

Since I wrote my comments on driving in the Philippines, I never thought I would try to drive in the Philippines myself. I have driven with others, foreigners and Filipinos, taken taxis, more often and when I was first here in Cebu always took jeeps. But I have a bit of a back problem so I went to taxis for more headroom. But I have to pick one of the larger model cars. Some the taxis have very little headroom certainly not enough for my 6'2" body.

Riding A Jeepney In The Philippines

Jeepneys are the way most people travel. They are modified Jeep style vehicles carrying 16 to 18 passengers on benches facing each other in the back. One or two more passengers ride with the driver in front. Jeepneys have flags, decorations, colors, family names and nicknames, logos, mud flaps, and other ornaments. Most have altars on the dashboards. The shotgun seat is best and reserved for the disabled. You can travel across the city of Cebu for about 8 U.S. cents. It is the cheapest public transportation in the world, I understand.



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