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Tourist Attractions (Kalookan City)

Kalookan City is located at the northern part of the Greater Manila Area. The city is divided into two parts: an urban section and a rural section. The urban section is bounded on the north by Malabon, on the east by Quezon City, on the south by Manila and Navotas, and on the west by Manila Bay. The rural section is bounded on the north by San Jose del Monte in Bulacan, on the east and south by Quezon City, and on the west by Valenzuela. The urban section, also known as Kalookan I, has an area of 1,362.4916 hectares. The rural section, known as Kalookan II, is located approximately nine kilometers north of Kalookan I and has an area of 3,970.9048 hectares.

Geographic Profile:

Kalookan I is comprised mainly of flat lands; its highest point is the southernmost part of the Dagat-Dagatan Reclamation Area, which is only +0.0993 meters above sea level. kalookan Il is classified as hilly; its highest point is Tala, which rises approximately 100 meters above sea level.

How To Get There:

Buses, jeepneys, taxis, and tricycles bound for Kalookan City are available in many parts of Metro Manila.

Tourist Attraction:

Bonifacio Monument (Bonifacio Circle, Monumento)
This monument marks the site of first encounter between Andres Bonifacio's Katipunan revolutionary group and the Spanish soldiers on August 13, 1896.

Buena Park (UE Sports Complex - London Tech, University Hills, UE Subdivision)

This park cum recreational center features a swimming pool, a pelota, tennis and basketball courts, and a restaurant serving Filipino dishes that is a popular eatery in the city.

Gotesco Grand Central (Rizal Avenue Extn., Monumento Circle)

This huge entertainment and shopping complex is located beside the LRT's major station.

Manila Central University (EDSA Monumento Circle)

This university, founded in 1904, was the first coeducational institution in Kalookan. Today it serves as a hospital as well.



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