Tourist Attractions (Pasay City)

Pasay is bounded on the south by Paranaque, on the northwest by Makati City, and on the west by Taguig. The city has a total land area of 19 square kilometers.

Geographic Profile:

Pasay City is the third smallest political subdivision in the National Capital Region. The Air Transportation Office (formerly CAA) occupies 9.5 square kilometers, which includes the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the Villamor Air Base, and a reclamation area. The city is known as a center for entertainment. A section located along Roxas Boulevard fronting Manila Bay is in fact known as Manila's "tourist belt."

How To Get There:

Buses, jeepneys, taxis, and tricycles bound for Pasay are available in many parts of Metro Manila.

Tourist Attractions:

Coconut Palace (CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard)

Over 70 percent of this structure is made of different parts of the coconut tree. The palace consists of seven suites with each unit depicting a different region and constructed of materials indigenous to that region.

Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard)

The CCP is an institution mandated by Philippine laws to preserve, promote, and enhance the Filipino people's cultural heritage. Built on reclaimed land, the building was designed by leading Filipino architect Leandro Locsin. It houses a concert hall, a theater, a library, and a museum displaying ancient and contemporary Filipino artworks.

Folk Arts Theater (CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard)

Not far from the Cultural Center of the Philippines stands the Folk Arts Theater. Still the work of architect Leandro Locsin, the 10,000-capacity theater was inaugurated in July 1974 after a record construction period of 77 days.

International Airport Philippine Museum of Ethnology (located at Mia Road near the old Manila International Airport)

The Philippine Museum of Ethnology showcases ethnological objects and artifacts which form part of the Philippines' rich and diverse cultural heritage.

GSIS Museum and Archives (CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd)

A showcase of Philippine contemporary art. Features the masterpieces of the country's famous painters and sculptors: Amorsolo, Ocampo, Alcuag, Orlina, Abueva, etc.