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Tourist Attractions In San Juan

San Juan, situated in the central part of Metropolitan Manila, is one of the smallest of Metro Manila's nine municipalities. It is bounded in the north by Quezon City, in the west by Manila, and in the south and east by Mandaluyong. It has a land area of 5.94 square kilometers.

Geographic Profile:

Generally, San Juan has a slightly rolling terrain. However, the western part near the San Juan River is low and frequently damaged by floods. The municipality is actually surrounded by a river and creeks: San Juan River in the west, Ermitano Creek in the north and east, and Maytunas Creek in the south.

Tourist Attractions In Taguig City

The first-class municipality of Taguig is situated along the northwestern shore of Laguna de Bay at the upper mouth of the legendary Pasig River, also known as the Napindan Channel through which Laguna drains its floodwaters. It is bounded to the north by Pateros and Pasig; on the east by the town of Taytay and Laguna Lake; on the south by Laguna Lake and the town of Muntinlupa; and on the west by Paranaque, Makati, and Pasay City. It has a total land area of 4,538.2 hectares (45,382 square kilometers).

Geographic Profile:

The terrain is generally, level with some parts rolling or hilly. Taguig is traversed by two major rivers that feed the Laguna Lake, namely: the Taguig River and the Napindan Channel. Five minor rivers also flow through it: the Bagumbayan River, the Mauling Creek/Tabacuhan Creek, the Hagonoy River, the Tipas River/ Labasan River, and the Sta. Ana River.

Fishing Capital Of The Philippines

Navotas City is a small fishing town located in the northwestern portion of Metropolitan Manila. It is bounded by the town of Obando in Bulacan on the north; by the Binuangan River, the Daang Cawayan River, the Dampalit River, the Batasan River, the Navotas River, the Bangkulasi Channel, the Malabon Channel, and the Estero de Maypajo on the east; by Manila on the south; and by Manila Bay on the west. The town has an aggregate land area of 10.77 square kilometers.

Geographic Profile:

Navotas is actually an island system with an aggregate shoreline of approximately 4.5 kilometers fronting the Manila Bay. The terrain is generally flat.

Valenzuela City Tourist Attractions

The town of Valenzuela is situated in the northern part of the Greater Manila Area. It is bounded on the north and northwest by Calookan City and Malabon, and on the west by Navotas. It has a total land area of 44.60 square kilometers.

Geographic Profile:

The terrain is generally flat to slightly rolling. The town used to have numerous streams but these has since dried up.

Emerald City Of The Philippines

Muntinlupa City is located at the southwestern part of Metropolitan Manila, bounded in the north by Taguig, on the northwest by Paranaque, on the west by Las Pinas, on the southwest by Laguna, and on the east by Laguna de Bay. It has a land area of about 4,670 hectares, the fourth largest in Metropolitan Manila area.

Geographic Profile:

This city is not as thickly populated as the other cities in the NCR.



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