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Filipino-American Marriage




I think the relationship success rate has been skewed for several years, ever since the internet and chat came along. It is too easy for us guys to meet and get heavily involved with a Filipina who may or may not be good. The old way of handwritten letters weeded out the really bad ones and girls were content to know just one man. These girls on the internet are able to easily string along 20 to 30 guys and in any day can go out and meet a new keno online.

I think one would need to be a fool to actively search for a spouse on an internet chat room. Best to look in person and not accept a girl who knows how to chat. I speak very much from experience in this matter. My ex used to spend hours a day sending email and chatting and when I wouldn't take her to the states began posting ads on personal sites to find new chat buddies. Used to push our under 1 year old son to the internet cafe while I was working in order to chat/email God knows who for god knows how many hours. (Usually 4 to 5 hours per day)


When I discovered an ad put up online thank God for goggle), I kept my quiet. Got a close friend to chat with hereto find out the truth) and within three days, got her wanting to marry him. When I confronted her about the ad, she tried to say she put it up for her sister, but why she used her picture and why she was replying to all the messages were never fully answered.

I sent her on a vacation back to the Philippines and invented a nice story about why our son needed to stay with me. She took all of my money in the world. Once there, I didn't let her come back. She doesn't seem to mind, she talks chats regularly with men and has several online boyfriends back in the Philippines. She tried to contact me for several months saying that she was pregnant and needed money and the like, but I am not a fool.

It always seemed like we had missing money every month, maybe $50 to $100 a month that went missing. We sent money to her mother who basically demanded it, but this missing money was on top of that. After she left, I found out the truth, it was going back to the Philippines.

All this was supposedly with a nice girl. Got a nice has seen me through thick and thin and took on my son as her own. Does she lie? Yes, but her lies are often comical and very easy to spot. (By: LINP3 members)




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