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Investigator Philippine Division – Service List

Commercial Intelligence for Philippines Businesses

- Credit Investigation, Philippines
- Bank Loans and Mortgaged Verification, Philippines

Includes all types of Loan expose to all Bank and Financial Institution in the Philippines and Both Corporate Individual Accounts in the Philippines. Find out what you need to know before committing your hard earned money.

- Bank Checking / Verification, Philippines
- Bank Accounts or Deposit Verification
- Credit Card Verification

All Major Credit Cards issued in the Philippines and its affiliates and Balance, Status, Payment records and even Transaction records.

- Credit Reference Checking, Philippines
- Trade Checking

Verification Subject Business Trade Reference and Dealing with their Clients and Suppliers.

- Business Verification
- Financial Investigation
- Business / Corporate legality to operate.
-Tax Records / Social Securities

Background Investigation

- Personal Data and Neighborhood Verification
- Personal Information Gathering
- Negative Information Verification
- Court / Judicial / Criminal Records Verification
- Skip Missing Person
- Discreet and Open Inquiry
- Ocular Inspection of subject address.
- Employment Records
- Financial / Credit Status
- Marital and Civil Status
- Family Background
- Educational records
- Resume Verification
- Telephone records inquires

Litigation Assistance

- Garnishment Case
- Witness / Plaintiff Locating
- Evidence Gathering
- Case background and Profiling
- Legal Process Server
- Other legal assistance

Market Research

- Vendors Research
- Market Surveys
- Analysis / Profiling


- Foot and Vehicle Surveillance
- Short Term- Long Term
- Penetration or infiltration
- Video / Photo Operation
- Tailing
- Group / Company infiltration

Assets Tracing

- Real Estate Property Checking
- Motor Vehicle Checking
- Financial Verification
- Money markets
- Bonds, Stock Market, Club Shares and Membership

Property Appraisal and Valuation

- Real Estate and Motor Vehicle Inspection
- Market Survey / Valuation / Appraisal

Document Retrieval

- Government Agency
- Private Companies / Corporation
- All Private and Public documents in the entire Philippines.

Debt / Collection Retrieval Debt/

- Skip Tracing
- Collection and legal notices serving
- Monetary collection
- Repossession (With Sheriffs or Extra Judicial Force)

Insurance Investigation

- Status Inquires of Individuals and companies seeking insurance claims.
- Covert Inspection of location and place of insured.
- Investigating suspicious and possible fraudulent claims.
- Data and Documents gathering for insured claimants.

Due Diligence

- Determine potentially critical problems in all financial and non financial transactions.
- Evaluation of credibility and uncovering true business intention.
- Insight of murky data with questionable background.
- Uncover kept documents and other details.

Donor Project Investigation

- Impact Assessment
- Funding Inquiry-Financial Project Site Audit
- Monitoring Performance
- Background Information Verification
- Evaluation of Performance

Risk Assessment / Analysis / Security Program

- Risk Management
- Security Measures

These includes the corporate offices, factories, project sites, shipping and areas of public access to examine such key points of the following concern; .Architectural elements .Security Staffing .Local threats ( Criminal Elements and Insurgents). Vehicular and Pedestrian Access control .Supplies, material, mail and Shipment handling.

- Security Audit

Executive Protection / Personal Security

- Body guarding / VIP Security
- Travel Security
- Event Security (Concerts, Program, Live Shows and Other Event)
- Cargo and Freight Security (Land, Sea and Air Transport)
- Protection and Security for both Individuals and groups.

Training and Seminars

- Investigation
- Commercial Intelligence
- Interrogation
- Security Measures and Assessment

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