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Success Story:

Some wrote on our mailing List:

"Some advice about Filipina women though. The secret is getting to know her family. If her family is gracious and sincere, chances are very high that she is the same. The family is usually the reflection of a Filipina women's character, just as in many Asian cultures."

Ryan replied:

One of the better pieces of advice I've read on this forum!

BEWARE! If you ignore the warnings on this thread, your life could take a completely unexpected turn for the worse! I'm certain if every member on this forum contributed one story that actually occurred to the member, or was observed by a member, the compendium would be a masterpiece and mandatory reading for everyone considering a Pinay for a partner.

Don't get me wrong I love Filipina women! But, there are rotten apples in every barrel trust me!

DJ's Take on Who is Taking Who, Filipina Scams Internet and in the Philippines

All this U.S.A. man can say is in today's modern world if a man gets taken, good for the girl. She pulled wool over his eyes with him looking. Go girl!

No one should get taken in modern world. Too much info, too easy to check out women, so forth and have rules to your game. No money, a little money, or so forth. If they want more, don't give, get out.

Jim's follow up:

I'm glad to hear someone put it so boldly, DJ. I read these posts about the Internet and finding a female companion here. Some say stay away from the girls on the Internet, which isn't totally true. Some say, just come here, which isn't totally true either. You can and will get taken advantage of, by a Filipina via the Internet or here in person, if you act blindly.

I read a post that recommended that someone just hop on a plane and come here for a few weeks, and he will find someone. That, in my opinion, is not always the wisest thing to do. It's unrealistic to think you will find love on a two or three week trip. Actually, that's a quick way to get taken advantage of, especially not knowing the country or the culture. Most of the people that I've spoken with, that have bad experiences with those of the female persuasion, had these problems because they jumped in with both feet without testing the waters. Most of the complaints are about money, but the reality is these guys "willingly" gave up their cash. Then they complain about scammers go figure. Is it the girls fault? Nope. The girl asked the guy gave. I doubt all 4 foot 11 inches of her twisted his arm. Anyway, I'm with you, if the girl asks and the guy gives, more power to her. Any guy that is out there, blindly looking, without having set any ground rules for himself, has set himself up to be taken advantage of. His fault, not the girls.

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