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Cost Of Living In Paranaque City (2014)

Paranaque City, National Capital Region, Metro Manila

High rise condominium, 2 bedroom, 2 CR, kitchen, maids quarters, laundry area, fully furnished.  Rent includes parking space and association fees.

2 occupants. Her family visits from Bohol occasionally.


Rent: 35,000 – One year lease which started last June.

Electricity: 3,900 - 2 TV, Refer, electric stove, 3 fans, water heater, 2 laptops, washing machine, toaster oven, blender, clock radio, don’t use aircon.

Water: 350 - 250 tap water, 100 – 2 5gal bottles per month

Cable TV/Internet: 2,800

Telephone: 300 – Globe load, use Viber for call/text and magic jack for calls to US

Clothing: 500 – Monthly average

Helpers:  0 – No helpers we prefer to do ourselves for privacy and safety reasons

Groceries: 10,000 – Hypermarket in Mall of Asia and occasional trip to S&R market

Entertainment: 6,250 – We travel in-country a lot and this is an average monthly amount for 2 people

Bar Bill:  0 – Don’t go to any bars but a bottle of San Miguel Negro is 30 pesos and an average bottle of wine is 350 pesos

Eating Out: 4,000 – We eat out once a week in restaurants at Mall of Asia and order home delivery occasionally from Pizza Hut or KFC, etc.

Car Expenses: 2,500 – Gasoline, maintenance

Car Payment: 30,980 – 2013 Ford Escape

Taxi: 1,000 – Take a taxi if going long distance to avoid driving in chaotic manila traffic

Family Allowance: 5,000 – Send to Bohol for her son’s tuition and help with mom’s bills

PhilHealth: 65 – for wife
SSS: 533 - Monthly social security contribution for wife

Medical: 4,100- Monthly average for 2013 for check-ups, blood tests and medicine

Misc: 1,500 – includes parking fees, buying snacks for our security guards, etc.

Total: 108,778 – about USD$2,400

Notes:  I’m 65 years old and married to a wonder lady from Bohol. I am working in Manila and earn a very good salary as a consultant for an international company. In 18 months I will kiss the job good-by and start drawing Social Security payments plus a small pension from the U.S at about $3,000 per month. My wife and I will settle in the Visayas region and either buy or build a home there. I have no medical insurance so all expenses are out-of-pocket. Doctor visits run from PhP 300 to 900 depending if visit is to the local clinic or ophthalmologist’s office. Big part of medical bill is for prescription meds and blood tests and check-ups and I am very healthy with no problems except high cholesterol.

By: Steve






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