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Hospitals, Quality Of Medical Services

There are excellent hospitals in the major cities. One of the members of the List, "Living in the Philippines," is a M.D. in the States. He does volunteer work in the remote areas of the countryside here, where many people cannot afford doctors or medical treatment. He says that St. Luke's Hospital in Manila has done a wonderful job of recruiting U.S. trained Filipino doctors to work in that fine hospital. Since most Filipino doctors are trained with U.S. textbooks to pass the U.S. medical boards, their skills are world class. Dr. John says "You can get your open heart surgery here in the Philippines by a Filipino Doctor, or can fly to San Diego and get it done by a Filipino doctor there. The only difference is in the price."

There are other excellent hospitals in Manila, Cebu, Davao and others. If I had a serious problem would go the Makati Medical Center in Manila, a preferred provider with Blue Cross, the coverage I have had for many years. They pay at any hospital here, but the reimbursement is not as much as at the Makati Medical Center where they know how to handle the paper work too, I am led to believe.

The hospitals offer something healing, in my opinion, sorely lacking in US and most other hospitals in western countries.  They allow visitors and relatives 24 hours, seven days a week.  No one is ever left along, in their suffering.  I think visitors help in the healing process.  The serve as "watchers," someone to do little things like wipe your forehead,  or hold you hand, something you would not or could not ask for a nurse to do, but do yourself, or do without,  probably.

This is a communal culture and some folks have never been alone except maybe in the bathroom.  So leaving them overnight alone in a hospital room could be very traumatic.  There are always enough unemployed relatives and friends around provide company, one of the nice thing about unemployment. In my opinion, as a psychologist, I feel you will heal much quicker with loving companionship at your side.  You may not know anyone when you arrive but be surprised to find that when your neighbors find out you are in the hospital they show up to comfort you despite you not even knowing their names, especially in the smaller cities.

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