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How Safe is the Philippines?

Ah thanks, Phil. I teach Psychology of Criminology here and am always seeking to update my awareness of laws, crimes, and criminal psychology. One primary source for statistics that I have used is Interpol won't give data unless it is an official police request. As a matter of curiosity, maybe you can browse that site and determine whether you think it is a reliable source. If you are able to access Interpol I would be really interested and perhaps you could give me their site.

I did find the US to be 6th in the world (just under 5 African nations) in assaults. The Philippines ranked lower than 97th. I found the US to be 24th in murder- after many African and South American countries. The Philippines was 87th. Unsurprisingly, I found the Philippines to be ranks 24th in corruption- after many South American countries. The rating went to 95 and the US was not listed so it’s lower than 95 other countries.

I know statistics misrepresent facts. But, as a gross comparison, it should give even you an inkling that the Philippines probably isn't the most dangerous spot on earth. And, that was the point of my post. I didn't intend to compare this country with the US, merely to try to reduce unnecessary fear in the hearts of some who are contemplating moving here. Hope this gives you a hearty laugh.

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