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Living In Carcar City, Philippines

Carcar is a nice sized Philippines town, about two hours out of Cebu City via the south coastal highway. We live on Mactan. And went shopping there for hand made Philippine furniture, and I believe we found a good furniture maker if anyone is interested. But before talking furniture business we ate at the Acacia Grill down the road on the way into Carcar. The restaurant shares a large parking lot with a whole bunch of outdoor shoe shops.

Carcar has several good shoe makers. The grill is open air, beneath a huge canopy, next to a lagoon, with some poor folks living across the way on a hill in shacks surprisingly clean by Philippines standards, probably because of the restaurant. Anyway we lunched on delicious pancit canton noodles, mixed vegetables guisado, some of the best thin sliced grilled tanguige fish I've tasted in the Philippines, better even than in Boracay, and of course garlic rice. We sat next to the railing overlooking the water. With the refreshing breeze blowing in from the nearby sea across the lagoon, and an ice cold San Miguel Pilsen chasing down good grilled fresh fish, I mentioned to my wife, yeah, this is what the Philippines is all about for the moment. We paid probably 30% less for similar food in Cebu City. Go check it out in Carcar, it's magic to me.

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