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Preface To Popular Edition

The directions of psychology and psychiatry, in its efforts to reach more people with its insights and services, continue to be dynamic and diversified. Frontiers are being pushed in the areas of psychophysiology and parapsychology. The study of culture, and the tracking down of encounter points between the individual’s psyche and his ambiance, continue to be stimulating and rewarding. The second printing of this book, a study of psychopathology in the Filipino setting, is a response to the kind and generous appreciation, which the first received.

Preface To First Edition

This book covers the writer’s experience and observations in the sixties. With the coming of the seventies, she fears that the material may have grown stale. Indeed, the present decade seems to have brought changes of a major order in the Philippine scene. To be sure, people remain people but the face of reality has changed and continues to change.

The rumblings of adolescent turmoil, merely hinted at in this book, have since erupted into riots and violent demonstrations, which subsided only recently. The drug menace also reared its ugly head during the same period and until now it continues to bring anguish to many a family, not to mention its uncultivated and perhaps incalculable impact on young minds.



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