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Simala Church (Sibonga, Cebu)

The road to Divine assistance always seems to lead to this well-know church in Sibonga, whose patron saint is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Various stories about miracles have been relayed through testimonies, documents, medals, even school supplies and other articles, which are instruments to the tales of success.

The faithful from afar who have known inspiring stories of healing from their various illnesses, passing exams, dreams realized and other personal petitions converge in the place apparently hopeful that these miracles may also be duplicated in their lives.

The huge edifice, also called the Monastery of the Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration, is located 48 kilometer away from the southern part of Cebu City. The area can be reached by a two and a half hour trip by bus from South Bus Terminals. Upon reaching it, one hikes some 100 meters from the road.

Upon going inside the holy building (with appropriate attire, which means in this case no short pants), a multitude in fervent prayer can be seen: some of them maybe asking for favors about their health, for help in an upcoming board exam, mediation in a marital problem, family problems with regards to their children or to fulfill a promise to come back for a wish or prayer granted such as a cured ailment, passing in exams or have been blessed with an offspring they have been waiting for years.

Many light colorful candles that can be bought inside, a specific color representing a particular petition. All those petitions and grateful deeds are all documented in an area where notes of thanksgiving and requests are also on display as a support for miracles.

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