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Extending an Invitation to a Meeting As:

(a) Guest Speaker

Our group is planning to have a meeting on family planning.
May plano ang grupo nato nga magmiting 'ta sa family planning.

We would like to invite you to talk about family planning.
Gusto namon imbitaron ka aron pasultihon bahin sa family planning.

We will be honored if you accept the invitation.
Dako namong dungog ug dawaton mo ang imbitasyon.

Who will be at the meeting?
Kinsa ang moapil sa miting?

(b) Participant

We will have a meeting on Tuesday.
May miting 'ta sa Martes.

It would be nice to have you there.
Labing maayo kung tu-a ka.

We will talk about family planning.
Maghisgut/mag-estoryahay 'ta bahin sa family planning.

The meeting will start at 8 AM.
Magsugod ang miting alas otso sa buntag.

Our guest speaker will be in at 7:30.
Tu-a na ang guest speaker 7:30 sa buntag.

It would be good if we are there before the guest speaker.
Labing maayo ug tu-a na 'ta una pa moabot ang guest speaker.

Will you be able to come?
Makaadto ka ba/kaha?

I'll see you there.
Magkita na lang 'ta didto.

I'll be expecting you there.
Magpaabot ko nimo.

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