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The Voice "I"

2) Ang "i" igkita pod sa mga prefixes nga "i/ig/iga/ika/ikapa/ipa/ipaka, upb." Pananglitan

2) The "i" can be determined also in such prefixes such as "i/ig/iga/ika/ikapa/ipa/ipaka, etc." Example ilis ig-unsa ig-ampò ikauli exchange how is related to pray return kapainóm ipasolát ipakaanák igtagsa to let drink to write childly first cousin

3) Ang "i" igkita pod diha sa prefix o infix nga "in" nga tighimo'g adjectivo sa sustantivo kon verbo nga gamut-polong. Panaglitan:

3) The "i" can be indicated also in such prefixes orinflux just like "in" which is adjectives of substantive or verb. Example:

asál : inasál andam : inandam
roast : roasted to prepare : prepared

inday : ininday ilis : inilis
miss : slowly to change : changed

ulí : inulí utang : inutang
return : returned credit : credited

bohat : binohat sabas : sinabas
work : created sabas : just like sabas

solát : sinolát solti : sinolti
letter : written speak : spoken

pili : pinili dala : dinala
choose : choosen bring something: brought

saad : sinaad labay : linabay
promise : promised to throw : thrown

4) Ang "i" igkita pod sa suffix "i/hi" nga tighimo'g verbo nga imperativo bisan gani sa sustantivo kon adjectivivo. Pananglitan:

4) The voice "i" can be indicated also in such particular suffixes like "i/hi" which made the verb imperative statement even though it's just a simple substantive of adjective . Example:

Hatagi Sapatosi Potii Tobigi
Give to shoe to whiten to water

Bohati Kamayi Pogai Todloi
Make to put sugar to squeeze to teach

Basahi Soltihi Platohi Bilihi
Read to tell to put plate to value

5) Ang "i" igkita sa kaogalingong dapit sa mga sinagop nga polong-langyaw. Panaglitan

5) The "i" can be indicated inside those words in foreign-language. Example:

gilibro military tidbits seminar
gilibro military tidbits seminar

instant fiscal civil interesting
instant fiscal civil interesting

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