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Asking for and Giving Directions

Excuse me. May I ask something?
Kadyot lang. Puwedeng mangutana?

Where is the ___________?
Hain/Asa ang ___________?

Introducing Oneself to Elders/Officials

I am ___________________.
Ako si _______________.

I am from ________________.
Taga-___________ ko/ako.

I am _______ years old.
____________ anyos na ako.

Visiting a Home

Anybody home?

Good morning /afternoon /evening.
Maayong buntag/hapon/gabi-i.

Oh, it's you.
Uy, ikaw diay.

Asking Peers for Biographical Information

What's your name?
Unsay ngalan mo/imong ngalan?

How old are you?
Pilayedad mo/imong edad?

Where are you from?
Taga-diin ka?


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