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Saan inilimbag ng may-katha ang aklat na ito?
Where did the author print this book?

Saan natin mabibili ang aklat na ito?
Where can we buy this book?



Bakit sinulat ni C. S. Canonigo ang aklat na ito ?
Why did C.S. Canonigo write this book?

Bakit ka maligaya?
Why are you happy?

Common Courtesies

Thank you.   

You're welcome.    
Way sapayan.

Excuse me./I'm sorry.   
Tabi una./Pasayloako.

I didn't mean to do it.    
Dili tinuyo/Wala nako tuyo-a.



Sino ang sumulat ng aklat na ito?
Who wrote this book?

Sino ang mga magulang mo?
Who are your parents?

Expressing Annoyance and Disappointment

What took you so long?    
Nganong nadugay ka?

Oh my!    Ay, sus! It's your fault.   
Sala nimo/Tungod nimo/Ikaw man gyud

It's too late.    
Ulahi na./Uwahina.



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