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Maranaos Culture, Customs And Traditions

The Maranaos are superstitious. They believe in the hidden powers of the ANTING-ANTING amulets. These Items which they wear on their necks, arms or legs believed to bring them good luck.

Courting a Maranao lady could be difficult. A suitor should be the most hardworking and patient bachelor in town. A go-between who will mediate for the contracting parties of the groom needed. The parents of the groom contact the parents of the bride regarding the desire of their son marry. The woman's family announces the dowry. When all is settled, the wedding celebration takes place In fun and merriment.


The Maranaos are the biggest group of Muslims living in the region. They are dwellers of lake Lanao.


Maranao women wear special kinds of clothes which are distinctly their own. The malong is one kind of dress material which can be used in many ways. Women wear it as skirt, a dress, a blouse or a gown. The rest of the family use it either as hammock, a fruit basket, a sleeping bag, a bathrobe, a baby carriage or a simple market bag.


Tugaya is a prosperous town located on the banks of beautiful Lake Lanao. The town is noted for its brass products. The people have been producing brassware as early as the fifteenth century. Their products consists of cauldrons, betel containers, vases, kris handle, kulintang, gong, mortar and saddle. The designs on these products are unique and mostly carved with ukkil.


Maranao architecture has been influenced by the Indus and the Islamic religion. The influence of Islam man be noted in the ukkil carvings in maranao homes, mosques and tool. The Hindu influence may be seen in the naga or S carvings on the eaves of houses, bows of a boat, chess pieces and the Sarimanok.

The mosque is the place where Muslims worship. It is made of wood and the area can accommodate about 40-44 worshipers. The mosque is beautiful decorated with ukkil designs.


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