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Maguindanaos Culture, Customs And Traditions

Another important Muslim group are the Maguindanaos. They live by the Rio Grande lake.

The Maguindanaos observe a code of conduct called LUWARAN. Among the provisions of this code is one on borrowing and losses. A Maguindanao is expected to return promptly any time borrowed from another person. Failure to do is considered as stealing. Anything who fails to return an object has to replace it completely or else, one Suffers punishment.

A Maguindanao considers an oath or a promise as very important. Anyone who makes a promise or an oath must fulfill it. Non-fulfillment could mean danger to him! Pre-arranged marriages are also common among this group. They believe that this type of marriage leads to a happy, successful and enduring relationships.


Maguindanao houses are made of bamboo and nipa palms. Their floors are made out of available tree trunks. They can beautifully convert any material into a useful part of the house. Modernization has come to the community and many hot now use galvanized iron instead of nipa palms for roofing.

Their manner of dressing is similar to that of other Muslims. They wear bright cotton materials for their malong. However, many of the women have adapted the western style of clothing worn by women in the urban area.


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