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Other Ethnic People

The Magahats live in the mountains of Basay, near rivers and streams with houses made from forest materials. Their houses are simple, without partition, and decorated with hanging skulls of the animal horns and weapons.

The Magahats believe in spirits, like most Visayans. They use anting-anting to fight evil spirits. Death, however, is not feared by the Magahats. They believe that it is just a journey from earth to the other side of the world.

Tattooing is a skill among the Magahats. Their art is reflected in the weapons and jewelry they make.

The Tagbanuas like other Visayas, also have their musical instruments like harps, drums with sharkskin heads, bamboo flutes, guitars with abaca strings, and brass gongs. Macasla is the Tagbanuas most colorful dance performed during the Macasla festival.

The Tagbanuas sign and dance during festivals and in cases of illness. They beat tier gongs and drums, and dance with music to drive away evil spirits from the sick man's body. When the sick man dies, friends and relatives and sprinkle ashes around the body believing that soul would leave footprints as it leaves the body.

The Warays of Samar and Leyte in Eastern Visayas are typical islanders languid, cordial and pleasure-lovers. They are good-natured but will not hesitate to fight once hurt.

The Visayans have literature in the form of legends, fables and epics. They are also rich in songs like the Balitaw, Dandansoy, Walang Angay and Pobreng Alindahaw. They are famous for dances like the Kuratsa, Kunendeng, Mazurka, Boholana, Alcantor, Marayon and others.


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