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J (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Jerjer. [Visayan slang, from English jerk.] 1.To have sexual intercourse. 2.To copulate in a jerky motion.

Jollijeep. 1.A mobile canteen in Makati City favored by blue-collar workers. This first showed up in the 1980s but has since been replaced by mobile stalls that follow strict sanitary standards imposed by the city government.

Jowa. [Tagalog slang, probably from English jo, meaning sweetheart.] 1.A boyfriend or girlfriend. 2.A person with whom another has an intimate relationship.

Jubos. 1.A type of coloring dye derives from Joe Bush, an American dyeing-andcleaning entrepreneur in Manila in the 1940s. 2.A dye popular among shoe shiners. 3.A kind of dye that can be used in staining a cloth or any textile.


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