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W (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Wagwag. [Baguio] 1.Second-hand or used clothings. 2.In Visayan, ukay-ukay .

Wakabu. [Tagalog slang, along kabuhay-buhay, or without verve.] 1.A boring person. 2.Without much. zest. 3.Unexciting, dreary, or dull.

Wakwak. [Visayan] 1.A mythical birdn believed to be harbinger of bad luck. 2.A nocturnal bird whose sound resembles the avian call of a cuckoo or a black hawk. 3.A bird in local mythology that is said to spell evil on a pregnant woman. 5.The sound of a black bird. 5.Also: Kikik? a nocturnal bird species.



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