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Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

A rich man in a certain town once owned a dog and a cat, both of which were very useful to him. The dog had served his master for many years and had became so old that he had lost his teeth and was unable to fight any more, but he was a good guide and companion to the cat who was strong and cunning.

The master had a daughter who was attending school at a convent some distance from home, and very often he sent the dog and the cat with presents to the girl.

One day he called the faithful animals and bade them carry a magic ring to his daughter.

The Virtue Of The Coconut

One day a man took his blow-gun[1] and his dog and went to the forest to hunt. As he was making his way through the thick woods he chanced upon a young coconut tree growing in the ground.

It was the first tree of this kind that he had ever seen, and it seemed so peculiar to him that he stopped to look at it.

When he had gone some distance farther, his attention was attracted by a noisy bird in a tree, and he shot it with his blow-gun. By and by he took aim at a large monkey, which mocked him from another treetop, and that, too, fell dead at his feet.

The Sun And The Moon

Once upon a time the Sun and the Moon were married, and they had many children who were the stars. The Sun was very fond of this children, but whenever he tried to embrace any of them, he was so hot that he burned them up. This made the Moon so angry that finally she forbade him to touch them again, and he was greatly grieved.

One day the Moon went down to the spring to do some washing, and when she left she told the sun that he must not touch any of their children in her absence. When she returned, however, she found that he had disobeyed her, and several of the children in had perished.

The First Monkey

Many years ago at the foot of a forest-covered hill was a small town, and just above the town on the hillside was a little house in which lived an old woman and her grandson.

The old woman, who was very industrious, earned their living by removing the seeds from cotton and a long stick that she used for a spindle. The boy was lazy and would not do anything to help his grandmother, but every day went down to the town and gambled.

One day, when he had been losing money, the boy went home and was cross because his supper was not ready.

The Battle Of The Crabs

One day the land crabs had a meeting and one of the said:

What shall we do with the waves? They sing so loudly all the time that we cannot possibly sleep.

Well, answered on of the oldest of the crabs, I think w should make war on them.

The others agreed to this, and it was decided that the next day all the male crabs should get ready to fight the waves. They started for the sea, as agreed, when they met a shrimp.

Where are you going, my friends? asked the shrimp.

We are going to fight the waves, answered the crabs, for the waves are very strong and your legs are so weak that even your bodies bend almost to the ground when you walk. Wherewith he laughed loudly.



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