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Other Superstitions And Beliefs

1. If a person bites his tongue, it means somebody is thinking of him.

2. A girl with white spots on her fingernails is inconstant in love.

3. It is bad to sweep the floor at six o'clock in the evening for it means driving away good fortune and graces.

4. It is bad to sweep the floor when there are people playing cards or gambling because luck is being swept away.

5. One should not open an umbrella while inside a house; a centipede is likely to fall from the ceiling and he will be bitten by it.

6. If a pregnant woman sews her dress while wearing it, her baby will be born without a hole in the rectum.

7. If a pregnant woman sits on the stairs, she will have a difficult time in delivering her baby.

8. If a pregnant woman wears a necklace or a choker, the umbilical cord of her baby will also be wound around its neck endangering its life.

9. If the direction of the wooden slats of a floor are not parallel to the stairs, good fortune will not come to the dwellers of the house.

10. If sweethearts give each other gifts like shoes or slippers, their relationship will not last long.

11. If a boy gives his sweetheart a necklace as a gift and the necklace is broken, it means that they are not meant for each other.

12. If the coffin of a dead person bumps against something during the funeral, someone will soon die.

13. If the coffin of a dead person is too big for his size, someone will also die soon.

14. In bringing the coffin down the house, the head should be the first so that the dead will have an easy journey to his destiny.

15. The dead in the coffin should face the rising sun upon interment so that his soul will not suffer very much.

16. If two sisters or two brothers get married within the same year, one will have a prosperous married life; the other, a sorrowful life.

17. If a couple receives a urinal as a wedding gift they wife have luck, prosperity and riches.

18. If a couple receives a crucifix as a wedding gift, they will have a peaceful relationship.

19. In a church wedding ceremony, the first of the couple to reach the altar and to go out of the church will be the dominant one.

20. If the veil sponsor in the wedding ceremony is still single, she is doomed to be an old maid.

21. He whose candle is put off during the wedding ceremony wife die first.

22. If a pregnant woman looks beautiful and kind, she will have a baby girl; if she looks ugly and cruel, she will have a baby boy.

23. A pregnant woman who gives birth to a baby boy will have a painful delivery; one who has a girl will have an easy delivery.

24. If one combs his hair at night, his parents will die.

25. If one puts his used plates over those of others while some are still eating, the last one to leave the table will have many problems.

26. If one gives a wallet or a bag as a gift, he must put some money in it or else such wallet or bag will bring bad luck.

27. Counting money on the midnights of December 24 up to January 1 of the New Year will bring a person endless wealth during the whole year.

28. One must pay all his debts before January 1st of the New Year or else he will always be in debt the whole year.

29. Rice bags and salt containers in the home must always be full to maintain a bountiful life.

30. On Good Fridays one must not do hard work, take a bath, eat meat or make any noise because God is dead.

31. On Easter Sunday, all children must jump high upon hearing the sound of the church Easter bells so that they will grow taller.

32. There must be a feast or banquet on Easter Sunday to celebrate the new life of Jesus Christ.

33. When a person receives as a gift a statue of Buddha with children around him, the receiver will be lucky with his children.

34. When a person receives as a gift a statue of Buddha without children around him, the receiver's business will fail.

35. If one receives a jade stone or his own birth stone as a gift, he wife be lucky in life.

36. If one receives a diamond as a gift, he will be lucky in business.

37. Putting a statue of Sto. Niño(The Holy Child) in one's store or business place brings good luck.

38. One must make the sign of the cross before he leaves his house or before taking a long journey so that he will arrive safely at his destination.

39. If one breaks a mirror, he will have seven years of bad luck.

40. Upon transferring to a new house, the occupants must bring rice and salt first so that they will have a prosperous life in that house. 41. If a relative dies, the children related to the dead must be lifted across the coffin before it is put into the grave so that the soul of the dead will not visit them.

42. During interment of the dead, the children should wear red clothes so that the soul of the dead will not bother them.

43. The people in the first house to which a newly-baptized child is brought should voluntarily give some money so that a good and prosperous life will come to the child.

44. Eating peanuts makes a person intelligent.

45. If parents want their child to be a good orator or speaker when he grows, they must feed him with the cooked female organ of a pig.

46. If the umbilical cord of a baby is inserted in the staircase of the house, its grasp will be strong.

47. If red ants are abundant in a certain part of a house, good fortune will come to the occupants of the house. 48. If one's left palm is itchy, money is coming to him; if his right palm is itchy, money will be spent by him.

49. If a black butterfly enters the house, someone in the family will die.

50. If a baby is born with a mole on his forehead, he will grow up an intelligent man.

51. If a baby is born with a mole on his shoulder, he will have a lot of hardships and sorrow in life.

52. If a baby is born with a mole on his foot, he will travel a lot.

53. If a baby is born with a mole near his eye, he will be easily widowed, and for several times.

54. When the temporary tooth of a child is extracted, that tooth should be thrown out with a request that the rats should give him another new and fine tooth.

55. Broken mirrors or glasses in the house should be removed; otherwise, good luck will not come to that house.

56. A man with natural curly hair is temperamental and moody.

57. A man with a hairline that is elongated at the back is stingy.

58. A man with a deep nape is stingy.

59. A woman with a mole at the nape will have many suitors.

60. A child with two cowlicks on his head is a hard-headed but lucky child.

61. There should be pansit or noodles in a birth celebration so that the celebrant will have a long life.

62. If there is a pregnant woman in a house, garlic, vinegar and a bob should be placed on the window so that vampires will not eat the fetus.

63. A woman who has just delivered a baby should take hot soup after her first bath so that she will regain her youthful skin.

64. If one wants to be remembered by a friend, she should put that friend's picture under her own pillow when she sleeps at night.

65. Upon entering a town church for the first time, one should make a wish so that good luck will come to him.

66. In constructing a house, silver coins or cash money are put within the principal posts so that prosperity will come to the dwellers of that house.

67. If one gets lost on his way to a certain place, he should invert his shirt and he will find his way.

68. A woman with thick and rounded heels is by nature lazy.

69. A person with a flat foot is by nature a slow-foot.

70. A person with a wide forehead is intelligent.

71. A person with a narrow forehead is dull.

72. A person with a mole on the lips is talkative.

73. A person with a mole between the two eyes is lucky in business.

74. A person with a wide shoulder is lazy.

75. One must not spend money on a Monday because money will be going out of his pocket the whole week.

76. A businessman must make sure that his first customer on Mondays buys from him, otherwise business the whole week will not be good.

77. A sponsor in a house blessing must toss coins as he holds a lighted candle inside the house so that prosperity and good luck will come to the dwellers.

78. Lending or giving out rice from your house at night brings bad luck.

79. The main door of the house should face the rising sun so that good luck and abundance will come inside the house.

80. Using broken plates inside the house brings bad luck.

81. Flowerpots should not be placed one over the other because there will be misfortune for the family year after year.

82. When there is hard rain and strong lightning, one should spray vinegar au over the house and cover all the mirrors so that the lightning will not strike the house.

83. A baby's eyelashes should be cut short within its first three months so that they will grow long and curly.

84. A newly-born baby should be tossed up into the air after its first bath so that it will not grow up a frightful person.

85. Changing the name of a baby who is critically ill may save his life.

86.Cutting one's fingernails on days when the Sorrowful Mysteries is prayed brings bad luck.

87. When a person changes his place from one to another while eating, he will be unfaithful to his life partner.

88. Sweeping the floor when there is a wake for the dead in that house is never done because someone else in the family will also die.

89. Helping a baby to turn on its stomach for the first time is not good for it will grow up a very dependent person.

90. One must avoid giving handkerchiefs as gifts because the recipient of the handkerchiefs is likely to cause grief to the giver.

91. Sweethearts should not be baptismal sponsors of the same child; therwise, their relationship will not end up in marriage.

92. A pregnant woman should not have her picture taken because her baby will be born abnormal.

93. A pregnant woman should not act as a baptismal sponsor because her baby might die.

94. The first time a baby lies face down, he should be placed sitting on a basin so that he will be wealthy when he grows up.

95. A hungry person must not greet a child; otherwise, the child will grow thin from a bad stomach ache.

96. During the first three months of a woman's pregnancy she should not be fond of babies or else she will vomit and become uncomfortable.

97. During the period of intense craving felt by a conceiving woman, she should not take notice of fruit-bearing trees for the trees might die.

98. A woman who sings while cooking will not be able to marry throughout her life.

99. A younger child in the family should not get married ahead of the older one because misfortune will befall him; the older one may not get married anymore.

100. Bad luck will come to the dwellers of a house whose last step of the stairs faces the main exit of the house.

101. Houses on dead end street should not have gates directly facing the street; otherwise, an occupant of the house will die from an accident.

102. If tears are shed on the coffin of the dead, the soul of the dead person will never have peace.

103. When there are cats fighting in the neighborhood, children of one family will soon also be fighting one another.

104. When one goes to borrow money from a friend and on the way a cat crosses his path, she should not go on with his intention because the cat is an indication that his friend will not lend him money.

105. Talking when eating something is an act of rejecting God's grace.

106. Visitors should be asked to enter the house at once and not stop at the door or else the pregnant woman in the house will have some suffering.

107. The new-born should be given ampalaya (bitter melon) juice before the first breast feeding to improve the baby's appetite and prevent his becoming choosey or finicky about food when he grows up.

108. The child's bath should be withheld on Fridays to prevent his developing serious illness.

109. The baby's first nail trimmings should be buried under the stairway to prevent falls.

110. The placenta should be buried near the kitchen to keep both mother and baby healthy.

111. The cord stump should be carefully watched and kept immediately if it falls off, for if a mouse gets hold of it the baby would be sickly.

112. To ensure a bright future for the child, the mother places coins, papers, pencils or diamond rings in the basin used for his first bath.

113. Eczematous children are dressed in black clothes to make the course of the disease shorter.

114. Skin eruptions are treated with saliva and chewed buyo leaves applied on the skin.

115. A house in which a member of the family dies is burned or abandoned to prevent illness and death of the other members of the family.

116. Seven (7) is a lucky number and all other odd numbers are lucky.

117. The premature delivery of a baby is an evidence of sin.B. Some Filipino Christians believe in the existence and power of anitos (minor deities which are revered and esteemed as intermediaries to God); they believe in the power of quacks and faith-healers to cure certain ailments that physicians could not; they believe in the power of witches to inflict illness on any individual who has incurred their displeasure. Many Filipino Christians still cling to ancient beliefs and practices. Superstition is a fixed irrational idea; a notion maintained in spite of evidence to the contrary. A person may be said to be superstitious if he believes in, is addicted to, or is swayed by ideas or notions contrary to reason or scientific knowledge.

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