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On Bad Luck Or Misfortune

1. The bride should not try on her wedding dress before the wedding ceremony; otherwise, the wedding will not take place.

2. If one meets a black cat while crossing the road, a misfortune will occur.

3. If during the time a house is being built the carpenter meets with an accident, the owner of the house will have misfortune in life.

4. A girl who sings before a stove while she cooks will be married to an old widower.

5. If a pregnant woman cuts her hair, she will give birth to a hairless child.

6. One should not decorate a dress with pearls because it means she will shed tears.

7. One should not sit on his books because it will make him dull.

8. A boy who sleeps on a table wife someday marry a widow.

9. When an adolescent plays, it will rain.

10. A couple will not be happy in their marriage if loud thunder occurs during their wedding.

11. One should not pay or give money through the window because it will make him poor.

12. If one brings salt near an orange tree, the tree will start to bear sour fruit.

13. When a duck flies it is a sign of bad luck.

14. One should not comb his hair in front of the body of a dead person or else all his hair will fall off.

15. When a cat washes himself, a storm is coming.

16. One does not eat in front of a stove for this causes wealth to go away.

17. A pregnant woman should not eat twin bananas for it causes twin births.

18. If one throws a stone in the dark at night, he will harm someone.

19. If a pregnant woman eats a red star apple, she will give birth to a child who will look like a star apple.

20. One should not stand in front of a burned house. It will cause his own house to be burned.

21. If one opens an umbrella inside the house, a lizard from the ceiling will fall.

22. When many butterflies are flying, it means rain will come.

23. If one sees a snake while he is on his way to the cockpit, it means bad luck.

24. If one puts a stick into the mouth of a glass she will see the face of her future husband.

25. Sweeping the floor at night causes one to lose all his wealth.

26. If one breaks a glass, a plate or a cup during a banquet, something bad will happen.

27. After hearing mass, one must not take a bath because the holy water will be removed from his body.

28. Debts should not be paid at night. It brings bad luck.

29. Pregnant women should not sit on the stairs because that might make their deliveries difficult.

30. When the frogs cry, it will rain.

31. A pregnant woman who goes to the river will give birth to a dead baby.

32. One will have bad luck if he breaks a mirror.

33. If one points his finger at a rainbow, his finger will be cut off.

34. When the ants start to climb up the house, it will rain.

35. Women who have moles under the eyes, where the tears fall, will be widowed.

36.The woman who eats crabs during pregnancy will have a baby with six fingers or with other physical deformities.

37. If one reconstructs his house, he should not cut the posts because that might cause him to lose his wealth.

38. The family that lives in a house in which the stairs face the sun will have bad luck.

39. If one removes the plates while an unmarried woman is still eating, that woman will stay single all her life.

40. Playing at night brings bad luck.

41. During menstruation a woman should not touch or pinch plants, otherwise, the plants will die.

42. During the Holy Week, people should not go out or travel in order to avoid accidents.

43. Old clothes given to other people will only bring them bad luck.

44. Whistling in the evening is bad.

45. Drying clothes, especially underwear, at night causes pregnancy.

46. If a single lady dreams of a wedding, she will become an old maid.

47. If one has to pass between two houses close to each other, he should murmur some words (such as makikiraan po may I pass).

48. If one breaks something he is holding in his hand, it means bad luck.

49. If one kills a cat, he will suffer persecution for seven years.

50. If a picture falls from a wall, it means bad luck.

51. If a hen cackles under the house at night, it means a girl in the family will give birth to an illegitimate child.

52. A pregnant woman should not eat raw rice during pregnancy, otherwise, she will have a toothless baby.

53. If a person leaves the house while others are eating, they should turn their plates around so that he will not meet with an accident.

54. If one receives a present that is pointed (like a knife or a letter opener) he should give the giver a rounded object (like a five or ten centavo piece).

55. When one goes to his wedding, he should not ride in a bus to avoid bad luck.

56. One should cover the mirror when there is lightning to avoid misfortune.

57. If one winnows the rice in the doorway, he will have a small harvest the next year.

58. Changing clothes twice before going to church means something bad will happen on the way.

59. Never tell about a dream before breakfast because this will cause misfortune.

60. If one happens to break the eggs of a lizard, he will also break something in the home.

61. If a woman in the family way watches a burial, she will have a difficult delivery.

62. One who tells jokes about saints will be punished by having his fists closed forever.

63. Throwing rice or salt on the floor makes one as poor as a rat.

64. If one takes an unbaptized baby out of the house, he will meet with an accident.


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