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Break Up Of Relationship

1. No marriage should take place except during the period of the full moon. It is the belief that good fortune comes only during that period.

2. Giving religious articles to one's sweetheart will cause breaking up of the relationship.

3. If a person gives another a pair of shoes as a gift, they will become enemies.




On Bad Luck Or Misfortune

1. The bride should not try on her wedding dress before the wedding ceremony; otherwise, the wedding will not take place.

2. If one meets a black cat while crossing the road, a misfortune will occur.

3. If during the time a house is being built the carpenter meets with an accident, the owner of the house will have misfortune in life.

4. A girl who sings before a stove while she cooks will be married to an old widower.

5. If a pregnant woman cuts her hair, she will give birth to a hairless child.

Superstitions and Beliefs Related to Death

1. If a black butterfly lingers around a person, it means that one of his relatives has just died.

2. No one should go out before the utensils used in eating have been washed and put away, otherwise a member of the family will die.

3. One must not organize teams of 3 or 13, otherwise one member will die.

4. Eating sour fruits at night will cause the early death of one's parents.

5. At a funeral, not all members of the family should be allowed to look at the face of the dead person. If they do, he will visit them and all of them will die.



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