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The Homosexual

Homosexuals are accepted and tolerated by Philippine society. In fact, they have their own functions and roles to perform. The term homosexual as used here does not distinguish between different types of homosexuals. Most prominent are the male homosexuals but gay females are also accepted and tolerated. The bakla or male homosexual who acts like a female is a figure of fun in movies and television shows. But the important role they assume in society is that of arbiter of taste. They are the couturiers, interior decorators, architects, hairdressers and make-up artists. Women look to them for setting the trend in fashion and design, often trusting their judgment more than their own.

They are thus very much a part of Philippine society and one will encounter them everywhere. They have their own language, swardspeak, their own way of speaking and their own mannerisms, different to those of females. They are fun-loving, entertaining and are many a girl's best friend as they sometimes play the role of confidante to women. Even the men banter with them, teasing and making fun of them, though with no malicious intent.

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