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Philippine Mail Order Bride Law

I quote from the "Mail Order Bride" law:

Republic Act No. 6955

An Act to declare unlawful the practice of matching Filipino Women for Marriage to foreign Nationals on a Mail Order Basis and Other Similar Practices, Including The Advertisement, Publication, Printing, or Distribution of Brochures, Fliers and Other Propaganda Materials in Furtherance Thereof and Providing Penalty Therefore

SECTION 1. It is the policy of the State to ensure and guarantee the enjoyment of the people of a decent standard of living. Towards this end, the State shall take measures to protect Filipino women from being exploited in utter disregard of human dignity in their pursuit of economic upliftment.

SECTION 2. Pursuant thereto, it is hereby declared unlawful:

(a) For a person, natural or juridical, association, club or any other entity to commit, directly or indirectly, any of the following acts:

(1) To establish or carry on a business which has for its purpose the matching of Filipino women for marriage to foreign nationals either on a mail-order basis or through personal introduction;

(2) To advertise, publish, print or distribute or cause the advertisement, publication, printing or distribution of any brochure, flier, or any propaganda material calculated to promote the prohibited acts in the preceding sub-paragraph;

(3) To solicit, enlist or in any manner attract or induce any Filipino woman to become a member in any club or association whose objective is to match women for marriage to foreign nationals either on a mail-order basis or through personal introduction for a fee;

(4) To use the postal service to promote the prohibited acts in sub-paragraph 1 hereof.

(b) For the manager or officer-in-charge or advertising manager of any newspaper, magazine, television or radio station, or other media, or of an advertising agency, printing company or other similar entities, to knowingly allow, or consent to, the acts prohibited in the preceding paragraph.

SECTION 3. In case of violation of this Act by an association, club, partnership, corporation, or any other entity, the incumbent officers thereof who have knowingly participated in the violation of this Act shall be held liable.

SECTION 4. Any person found guilty by the court to have violated any of the acts herein prohibited shall suffer an imprisonment of not less than six (6) years and one (1) day but not more than eight (8) years, and a fine of not less than Eight thousand pesos (P8,000) but not more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000): Provided, That if the offender is a foreigner, he shall be immediately deported and barred forever from entering the country after serving his sentence and payment of fine.

SECTION 5. Nothing in this Act shall be interpreted as a restriction on the freedom of speech and of association for purposes not contrary to law as guaranteed by the Constitution.

SECTION 6. All laws, decrees, orders, instructions, rules and regulations, or parts thereof inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

SECTION 7. This Act shall take effect upon its publication for two (2) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation.

Approved: June 13, 1990

The National Bureau of Investigation (an agency like the US FBI) is devoting additional resources to jail helpers here who supply names to these services for resale overseas where these services are legal. Recently, February 2002, two men from Florida from two different "Mail Order Bride" agencies were put on the "Unwanted Alien" list. Since they are operating in the US, the Philippine Government can’t jail them but they are barred from entering the country.

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